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By the time Avatar 2 comes out (2020) it will have been 11 years since the release of the first film from 2009.  Will such a big gap between the movies effect the franchise future success? If you ask director Jame Cameron, not at all.

Cameron recently spoke with CNN in honor of Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar expansion. He was asked about what is taking so long with the Avatar sequels, of which there are four, and if he is at all worried about time working against him. As confident as anyone wielding a multi-billion dollar franchise can be, he’s isn’t showing much concern at all. Here’s what he had to say about it: (more…)

Arguably, the Terminator franchise has been in a slump. After two classic and awesome films, the franchise has been having diminishing returns (at least critically). The last film, Terminator Genisys was the least receptive of all the films surrounding the war of mankind versus Skynet. So much, that the further sequels had been canceled after that film. Lucky for us, earlier this year, James Cameron announced that he would produce the new films, to give them his touch that has been desperately been missing in most of the sequels and even though Paramount Pictures wasn’t going to make future films, the franchise was in no way “terminated.” It looks like their franchise star actor is ready to return as well.


To the surprise of possibly no one, except for maybe the executives at 20th Century Fox, it looks like we’re going to have to wait longer for the first of the Avatar sequels. Avatar 2, the first of four sequels in development for James Cameron‘s 2009 blockbuster, was put on the calendar for December 2018 last year, but the man himself is now saying, “Not so fast.” If you thought that even James Cameron could pull together four big budget sequels in a year and a half and have the first one ready for next Christmas, think again. (more…)

Whatever you thought of James Cameron‘s Avatar, there is no denying just how stunning a world the filmmakers created through their innovative use of CGI. As many as nine hundred people were working on the visual effects to create such a visually impressive film, from the unique lighting that created the eerie yet beautiful glow coming from the bioluminescent forests to the unique motion capture technology used to accurately recreate the minutiae of actors’ facial expressions. Plotholes and cliches aside, it is no surprise that this movie captivated people with its incredible visual effects, inspiring spin off books, video games, action figures, commemorative stamps and even a theme park attraction at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. (more…)

She battled the Goblin King in Labyrinth, took out Nazis in The Rocketeer, had her mind wiped in Dark City and now she is going to be taking on Alita. Hollywood’s forthcoming adaptation of the hit Manga and Anime, Battle Angel Alita (Known as Gunnm (銃夢) in Japanese) has cast Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly (Requiem For A Dream, A Beautiful Mind, and Hulk) in the role of an as yet unnamed villain.  (more…)

Here’s an unusual story for a Friday night, perhaps even more unusual given the already strange turn of events that have followed the development of the Terminator franchise. What started as a time travel slasher movie in 1984 became one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, and despite numerous attempts to keep the gravy train going – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator: Salvation, and Terminator: Genisys – Hollywood just can’t seem to make Terminator work, at least not without its creator. Perhaps that why there’s news tonight that James Cameron is plotting a Terminator comeback, and he’s bring a special new friend along with him. (more…)

James Cameron‘s life is science fiction! Not only does the majority of his filmography as a director and a producer fit snugly in the genre, but in his off time, he’s an undersea explorer like some 21st century Captain Nemo, a character from one of the most celebrated works of science fiction ever. So he’s got authority on the subject is what we’re saying. It’s authority he’s about to put to the test as the director of Aliens, The Terminator, The Abyss, and Avatar is tackling a new TV project that will explore the history and meaning of science fiction. (more…)


Somewhere, James Cameron is presently working on the classified technology that will allow him to bring to life the top secret storyline of the ever expanding series of Avatar sequels. Avatar the first remains the worldwide box office champion despite the best efforts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but while there are no less than four Star Wars movies presently on the release calendar, the long-awaited Avatar sequels remain unscheduled and in release date limbo. Or are they? In its most recent round of release date roulette, Twentieth Century Fox seems to be staking out ground for Avatar 2 and other future franchise movies.  (more…)


Love it or hate it, James Cameron has inundated the world with his Avatar universe. Despite there being some years between the release of the first movie (2009),  there are two sequels already in the works scheduled to release in 2017 and 2018, with a fourth film planned for some unknown point in the future. There’s also Avatar Land, an atmospheric reproduction of the Avatar-verse coming to Disney World’s: Animal Kingdom. The latter park expansion has been right on schedule and that’s more than can be said for Avatar as a film property. As it stands now Avatar 2 is still in pre-production with no official release date. Avatar Land, however, as recently announced by Disney, will open summer 2017.

Atop of the Avatar Land’s expected summer opening, a new video has also surfaced showing off an animatronic character. The video has been making away around the net, both for how hyper-realistic and incredibly unsettling it is.   (more…)


Pretty much every blockbuster movie that comes out nowadays gives you the option to see the film in 3D. Sure, it’s a little more expensive, but sometimes it really makes the movie more enjoyable. Other times, of course, it’s a gimmick for the movie studios to squeeze a few extra bucks out of the public. As we now live in a 3D film world, good or bad, love it or hate it, there’s one person we really can thanks to for it: James Cameron.