james gordon


TV’s ‘Gotham’ is taking flight. You can tell that by all the promotion it’s getting. It’s drizzled in so much pomp and circumstance that I’m sold on the show’s flavor from previews alone. I don’t care much about the no-name actors being stirred into this soup and Jada P. Smith isn’t a strong enough presence for me to want in. But the whole pot’s on medium with the steam rising lightly. All the ingredients are there and this gumbo is smelling like something out of Emeril Lagasse’s cookbook. I haven’t tasted a thing, but from the way stuff looks, we’re in for a gourmet experience. Like top chefs with a well-stocked fridge, the preview gives us a powerful “making of” that just clocks in under 20 minutes. We meet the characters, see some choreography, several interviews, everything but the kitchen sink. Today’s special is ‘A Legend Reborn.’ Bon appétit!


oswald 1

With the production for Fox’s upcoming Gotham series underway, we’re finally getting the chance to take a look at what the crew is putting together for us. This week, we have some first looks at the series star as well as one of the infamous villains from the Batman rogue’s gallery. Scroll down to check out James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) engaged in a rooftop chase as well as Oswald Cobblepot (AKA The Penguin, played by Robin Lord Taylor) standing around looking shady. (more…)