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Reports today from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Disney and Lucasfilm have found a writer and director for the Boba Fett movie. Theories run wild about whether or not we’ll see some more history behind the mysterious bounty hunter or if we’ll see him crawl from the sarlacc pit and escape his assumed death from 35 years ago. Disney seems to be amping up their Anthology series, Star Wars films set in the Original Trilogy era, with rumors of an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie and Lucasfilm eyeing directors. Will the movies continue to be financial successes? With the Han Solo movie’s advanced tickets sales doubling what Black Panther sold, it seems the force is strong with the Anthology series.


Breaking the mold that has been established among big budget comic book movies, Logan was a dark and emotional film that thrust its adamantine claws into the hearts of its audience without mercy. It saw the loss of some of the X-Men franchise’s most beloved and powerful characters, which – for all the hope you could glean from Laura’s ending – left fans not only with an ache where those heroes used to be but also a vague sense of despair that the world will never be quite the same. It was a cinematic masterpiece that seemed to come completely out of the blue for anyone used to the colourful happy endings of Marvel‘s movies so far. (more…)

It’s just two weeks until the March 3rd opening for James Mangold‘s Logan and there’s already positive buzz about the film and its young star Dafne Keen. Mangold is ready to take on an X-23 spinoff if one is in the cards. FOX will be looking for something to fill the void of Hugh Jackman‘s exit from the very profitable X-Man movie franchise. Here’s what Mangold has to say about a spinoff. (more…)


This is why we can’t have nice things folks. Yet again someone has to rush something they found to the Internet. The Logan trailer is due to hit officially later today, but someone had to crack it and “Leak” a shaky phone video of the trailer early. Check it out until we can get the cleaner official version that director James Mangold will post later today. Gotta say the musical choice for the trailer is inspired. (more…)


The third and final Wolverine movie won’t be hitting theaters until March 3, 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the marketing train from hyping the film early. There’s been a lot of stuff released for the film lately, including the films title, a look at one of the villains,  a weary Charles Xavier, and several other teases. Now comes another reveal. Director James Mangold unveiled the first image of Jackman as Old Man Logan, and he’s looking as hard-bitten as ever.  (more…)


Word is making the Internet rounds that the first teasers for James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and James Mangold‘s Logan are only days away from making their way to the World-Wide Web. Trailer Track is reporting that both have been classified, or given a rating, and will soon make their way onto the Internet. Logan‘s production has been posting a lot of pictures lately, building up to the teaser release? (more…)


Logan director James Mangold tweeted out a first look at an aged Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Stewart’s version has always been kinda old, but he’s never looked as ragged and tired. Stewart is practically immortal according to the Internet and any pictures you find from the last 30 years, so this look is startling to say the least. Check it out after the jump. (more…)


Let’s talk about Wolverine 3, which is about six months away from being released but is still as mysterious as Loch Ness Monster. To recap what we think we know: the story may or may not be based on Mark Millar‘s Old Man Logan, the main villain may or may not be Mister Sinister, and along with this being Hugh Jackman‘s last movie as the titular mutant hero, it may or may not also be Patrick Stewart‘s last film as Professor X. What we need here is a bit of clarity. Maybe some kind of trailer… Hint, hint. Well, Jackman himself had something to say about that recently, and along the way he made a promise to fans as to what to expect with Wolverine 3. (more…)


A couple of months ago, Hugh Jackman posted to his Twitter feed an invitation for fans to let him know what they’d like to see in the third Wolverine solo movie. Now chances are that director James Mangold and his team have a pretty firm handle on what they’re going to do for the film, up to and including a rumor that the plot will be taken from the graphic novel Old Man Logan, but still, fan feedback has its benefits. So what did Jackman an the gang gleam from their little social media invite? Well, it seems that fans want the return of Wolverine’s arch-nemesis, which, according to Jackman, is a very real possibility. (more…)


It was with great regret that Hugh Jackman told fans a little while ago that Wolverine 3 would be his last turn at the mutant hero who’s the best at what he does. The news was understandable just the same though because by the time that Wolverine 3 will be release, Jackman will have played the part for nearly 20 years. Wolverine maybe ageless, but Jackman is not, and since he’s a talented actor, he’s probably interested in doing more with his time, career and clout than playing an angry berserker with metal claws every couple of years. So with all that in mind, what could Wolverine 3 possibly be about? What would make a satisfying endgame for Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine? Your comic collection may have the answer and it’s called Old Man Logan. (more…)