Jaqen H’ghar

Arya Stark

Arya Stark has been spending most of the past few seasons on Game of Thrones on the run inboynito. Ever since fleeing the capital with the help of Yoren (Night’s Watch recruiter), by chopping her locks and disguising her as an orphan boy named “Arry,” she has been trying to make it home every since. Bumping into all sorts of trouble along the way including; Ser Gregor Clegane (becoming a cup bearer for Tywin Lannister), Brotherhood Without Banners, and Sandor Clegane, Arya eventually finds herself filling the shoes of her fake persona – becoming a hardened, brutal killer, doing what is necessary in order to survive. Throughout this whole period, Arya and Clegane become scavengers, and they aren’t exactly the cleanest of people travelling across Westeros. Futhermore, we are left at the end of Season 4 with Arya leaving an injured Clegane and aboarding a ship for that’s heading towards Braavos, and that only means one thing folks! (more…)

Those poor Starks from the north. Not only do they live in the shittiest, coldest, most barren part of the Seven Kingdoms but they’re constantly at odds with everyone else. Lannisters. Arryns. Baratheons. Greyjoys. Even the one surviving Targaryen spits at the sound of their name. (At least they’re not Freys, amirite?)

And I guess we’ll add HBO to the list of Stark-haters because check out this new teaser poster for season two of Game of Thrones. It’s below the cut, ’cause, well, it’s extremely spoilery if you haven’t finished season one.