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At one point one of Netflix‘s most watched shows, Arrested Development has had a very noticeable impact on television comedy, with its innovative style and format influencing some of the most popular shows of recent years. Although it had an average reception upon its initial broadcast, it rapidly developed a huge cult following once its first three seasons were adopted by streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Netflix responded to this by taking over the the show and creating a fourth season to feed fans’ ache for more. While this most recent season is largely considered its weakest link, it has hardly dissuaded the fan base from demanding more of the Bluths’ misadventures. (more…)


Looks like Netflix made a huge mistake when they originally ordered just 10 episodes of the fourth season of Arrested Development because it turns out there’s still money in that banana stand.

It seems that Mitchell Hurwitz and Co. are delivering an additional episode to bring the total number up to 15, it was announced sometime ago that the initial 10 was bumped to 14. In addition, we now have a release date for the new season. Mark your calendars because Arrested Development premieres on May 26. You may want to book now and take the day off from work. Or school. Or church. Whatever.

Arrested Development reunites Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, David Cross, Jessica Walter, Tony Hale, Jeffrey Tambor and Alia Shawkat in a more anthology type storytelling where each episode focuses on one of the main characters with the others coming and going. Bateman is the only one who will appear in all 14 15 episodes. The new episodes will also feature special guest stars Ben Stiller, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Conan O’Brien, Isla Fisher, and John Slattery.

Finally, Netlix has released new poster for Arrested season 4. Not sure what that cargo container imagery means, maybe we’re just taking the Bluths out of storage after seven years? I guess we’ll find out in less than two months.


Source: EW

Excitement’s in the air. After years of wishing, hoping and praying, Arrested Development is coming back to TV – well, the internet – well Netflix – this spring. When, exactly, is still a known unknown, but Arrested creator Mitchell Hurwitz recently talked to USA Today about what is in store for the series and the Bluth family.

What’s the overall arc for season four?

“The bigger story is the family has fallen apart at the start of our show,” Hurwitz says. “They all went their own way, without Michael holding them together, so they’re left to their own devices, and they’re not the most successful devices.” The season is designed as a “first act to what we eventually want to do, which is a big movie,” though there’s no guarantee it will ever get made.

As for each episode, how will they be set-up?

“Each individual (episode) kind of depicts what happens in 2006 as the Bluths fled from the law on the Queen Mary” in what was once the series’ finale, then explains what’s happened to them since and leaves them in the present day, he says.

And as if you don’t need another reason to tune into the show, what kind of fix has Hurwitz and Co. put into the season to get you to watch it again, and again?

“The show will look very different,” Hurwitz says, and is being assembled as a “very, very complex puzzle” from scenes shot out of sequence over many months. The true flavor “slowly reveals itself, as the moment you saw in one show will reappear in another show from a different character’s perspective,” he says. “If people watch it all at once, it will seem like a giant Arrested Development. It’s really tailored for Netflix.”

Sounds like good watching. We’ll keep you posted with more news and a release date when we get it.

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The news for Arrested Development fans just keeps getting better. Netflix first announced that the series episode count had been raised from ten to twelve. Now they’re saying that the episode count will increase from twelve to something in the twelve to fifteen range.

According to Deadline, creator and show runner Mitch Hurwitz has new ideas and plenty of good material already shot to combine with the upcoming January shooting schedule. None of the additional material will effect the planned premiere date in the spring of 2013.

I guess there’s always new episodes in the Banana Stand.

The ENTIRE set of episodes for the new season will be put on Netflix in one big dump. There’s gonna be a lot of Arrested Development fans calling in sick or falling asleep at work the next day.

The show stars (In Alphabetical order) Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, David Cross, Portia de Rossi, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jessica Walter. Ron Howard narrates as well as serving as an executive producer on the show.

Via: Deadline

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Paul movie

Shaun of the Dead – brilliant. Hot Fuzz – amazeballs. ‘Paul‘, the third collaboration between the two best friends Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is E.T. gone comedy. A lewd, crude, good mood, action packed bromance. A geek-friendly affair. At times, I laughed so hard my anal probe fell out.

Graeme (Pegg) and Clive (Frost) are two British sci-fi geeks who take a pilgrimage from San Diego Comic-Con to the Southwest and all the famous UFO sites. On the road they encounter a real-life alien, Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen). Graeme, Clive and Paul quickly have to go on the run from government agents (Jason Bateman, Bill Hader and Joe Lo Truglio) as they help Paul, but end up kidnapping a fundamentalist Christian, Ruth (Kristen Wiig), on the way.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost certainly have a great working relationship since their days on ‘Spaced’ (UK comedy series that launched their careers). But, ‘Paul’ is their biggest project without long-time director Edgar Wright at their side and the film does slightly suffer because of it. What made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz so great was that they took a genre like Zombies or Buddy Cop action thriller and created parodies that lampooned exactly what was wrong and so lovable about their genres. In the process, they ended up creating films that could stand alongside the very films they were parodying. “Paul” was intended to unfold in this same manner, but unfortunately ran a bit flat. A rudimentary story, shameless Spielberg worship and barely explored characters and themes does cause a bit of contextual misfire. Regardless, it doesn’t take anything away from the entertainment factor of the film.

Though feeling a little held back this time around, Frost and Pegg still have that comfortable comic chemistry, summing up UK geek culture perfectly. Their bromance was a bit cliched, but it still touches home. Seth Rogen as Paul the alien just nailed it. He’s such a vulgar and crude alien, yet endearing and likable at the same time. I defy anyone to dislike him. Notably, Paul’s CGI body was impressive. It was easy to believe that he was another actor in the scenes. Jason Bateman is in top form, stalwart and dry as always. The intentions of his agent on-the-hunt character take a unexpected, but pleasant twist. The scenes involving Bill Hader and Joe Lo Truglio were just as great. An unfortunate alien ball groping had me ROFL. Kristen Wiig on the other hand appeared to deploy none of her comedic talents whatsoever beyond uttering profanities. Regardless, my inner twelve year old couldn’t avoid laughing at her vulgarity. A mixed response might be met when Paul challenges her characters Christian beliefs about the universe -a reoccurring poke at Creationism Vs. Darwinism. Jebus freaks will tell it on the mountain, but for everyone else it’s amusing as hell.

Paul is a sci-fi comedy. At times, the jokes can feel a little self indulgent; inside jokes that would probably confuse most and only careful listeners can interpret the references to the scifi genre (Alien, ET, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Star Wars, Aliens, Predator, and Mac and Me.) On the other hand, as a nerd (we say nerd around here. Geeks eat the heads off chickens. Look it up.) this is where the humor probed so far it tickled my funny bone. Minor complaint on two tiresome running ‘gags’, namely a comic cover featuring an alien with three tits, and people mistaking the titular characters for being gay; because they are two men traveling together in an RV. Funny scenes such as Paul stating that he gets his weed from the US Military, which is so strong that it killed Bob Dylan; “But he’s not dead”. Paul answers “Isn’t he?” more than make up for it.

The flick certainly has it’s faults. Weak script, excessive potty humor, an over abundance of geek references (not to my complaint though), cliched and unexplored characterization…etc. But you know what? You’ll have too much fun to care.  If you enjoyed Superbad, Pineapple Express, Shaun of the Dead, or Hot Fuzz, then Paul is a must see.

Three tits, spaceman balls and kidnapped Christians… what more do you want??