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To recap, Kevin Smith had a whole series of movies lined up for the next couple of years, and then he floated the idea of revisiting his second film, Mallrats, in a sequel. He did it via Twitter, so naturally everyone took the tease as gospel and ran with it past Excitedville all the way to Hype City. Maybe it’s our relentless obsession with nostalgia, or maybe it’s the stars aligning on the 20th anniversary of the original film, but Smith just couldn’t stop talking about Mallrats 2. The latest development: we will no longer have to wait two years for it! In a new post, Smith conformed that Mallrats 2 will be his next project. (more…)


Feelin’ old alert! Mallrats is turning 20 years old later this year. You may not recall Mallrats, as it was less than warmly received in the fall of 1995, thus resulting in it being placed somewhere on the low-end of the remembrances of Kevin Smith‘s empire along with Cop-Out and that Daredevil comic book miniseries he never finished. Still, Mallrats has its fans, perhaps out of the thirst for vintage Smith, or perhaps it’s because time heals all wounds, but for those fans comes news that Smith is planning a very special celebration for these two decades of love, friendship and hanging out at the mall with nothing better to do. (more…)

A Look at Some Great Movie Moustaches


This collection of wonderful cookies dusters is exclusive to nerdbastards.com. Thanks to, well… me! Blake Stevenson nerd illustrator extraordinaire! I have been meaning to put more of my work up on the site seeing as it all is pretty nerd related. So, for my first submission i leave you with this. A collection of great tv and film moustaches.

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