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New Justice League Movie Team PhotoThe big DC Films team-up movie, Justice League, is set to drop a whole new trailer this upcoming Saturday (March 25,) so of course that means a galactic threat level hype machine is currently laying waste to social media across the globe that would leave Despero envious. From Twitter, to YouTube, to Facebook and beyond, Warner Bros. social media interns have been enduring the first 3 cords of The White Stripes ‘Icky Thump’ on repeat as each member of the team has been getting their own 20 second teaser and character poster.

Aquaman was up first, shortly followed by a few other teammates: (more…)

With production set to start on Aquaman this summer the gentle tide of information on the DCEU film is slowly starting to roll in. The films star, Jason Momoa, took a break from his grueling (most likely trident centric) preparations to talk with Digital Trends.

Fans and detractors have spent decades making jokes at the expense of the King of the Seven Seas, how did Momoa approach playing the Justice League’s monitor duty marathon champion and chief fish translator? (more…)


Last week, it was announced that The Crow remake had perhaps found another actor it could, ahem, crow about, Jason Momoa. The star of Justice League, Game of Thrones, and Stargate Atlantis is the latest in a long line of actors who have heard the caw and have signed up to fill the magnificent leather boots of Brandon Lee, not that anything’s been confirmed yet of course. Still, Momoa, and his stature, would mark something of a physical departure from previous Crow candidates like Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans and Nicholas Hoult. It’s enough to make you wonder, what would Jason Momoa look like Crowed out? (more…)


Despite wide-spread fan reservations, filming on Justice League Part One is expected to begin on Monday with Zack Snyder at the helm, and there’s at least one person who’s very excited about it. This person says don’t believe the anti-hype, there’s some awesome stuff coming up in the big screen version of DC Comics‘ premiere super-team, and he should know because he’s a member. Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in the DC Movie Universe, wants you to know that he knows while some of you were disappointed with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, he knows that Justice League is going to be awesome, and you should know it too. (more…)


Well this escalated quickly. It seems like only a week ago where the rumor mill was churning out possible scenarios where Warner Bros. was reconsidering its DC Comics Cinematic Universe strategy in the wake of negative reaction to screenings of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. No big deal really, it’s only the linchpin to the WB’s strategy for this I.P. is all. But yesterday, it was revealed that Justice League Part One will begin shooting just days after the release of Dawn of Justice, meaning that director Zack Snyder should be a very busy bee right now with pre-production, and he just released some photographic evidence to prove it. (more…)


Last night’s Dawn of the Justice League special was full of new tid-bits for the observant DC Comics fan. Before he special aired DC revealed the new Wonder Woman movie logo on Twitter, during the special they also revealed the logos for The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Green Lantern Corps. You can check them out after the jump. (more…)


With Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice about to open in theaters in a little over two months, Zack Snyder will then turn to his next phase of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe’s development, the two-part Justice League movie. Of course, a lot of that hard casting work is already done for him with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa already set to move on from Dawn of Justice to Justice League, but what about all the supporting characters for those heroes? Well, Superman’s got his Lois Lane in Amy Adams, Wonder Woman’s got her Steve Trevor in Chris Pine, and in the case of Aquaman, it’s starting to look like he’s got his Mera in the person of Amber Heard. (more…)


This time on RadioBastard: Thunder Dream, Jeremy and Jason experience Tuscan cuisine and go for a rain water ass-douches at a premium spa that they found on Groupon back when it was still a thing. They also pose for an erotic calendar that should be available in the show store just as soon as we build a show store — out of brick and mortar. #OldSchool

Do you want to know about the topics that will topple under the thrust of our mind force on this week’s episode? Groovy. (more…)


The Justice League movie may seem a fair way off yet. Its official release date isn’t until 2017, that’s two full years for those of us counting on our fingers, but apparently things are moving along nicely with the script. Perhaps a little too nicely! Why, and how, could this positive script process be a problem? Well, unlike the problems with David S. Goyer‘s rather disappointing script for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, we’re hearing rumors that the main issue with the Justice League script is that it’s suffering from quite the opposite, a maze like overabundance of characters and situations. (more…)


Today started off as a relatively slow news day. And then the ship hit an iceberg and all of a sudden a bunch of rich people started screaming. They’re being extra vocal about the superhero movies they’re making, and I’m just the poor shlub down in the bowls of the boat, feeding coal into the fire. The fire is the internet and the coal is these words – we all know that Jason Momoa is set to bring Aquaman to the screen, and most of us are stoked about that. Since his days as Khal Drogo on ‘Game Of Thrones,’ I thought this dude had a great screen future in front of him. DC Entertainment thinks so too, and Warner Bros. has scheduled a solo flick just for him to surface in 2018. And we might know what characters are with him. (more…)