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Scooby-Doo and KISS-Rock and Roll Mystery

San Diego Comic-Con is known for bringing out the biggest stars for the annual pop culture event.  The fan events, screenings, and signings are the backbone of the convention and each year, studios compete for audience loyalty and, more to the point, to generate revenue for upcoming projects, and attendees just lick it up. The annual “winner” of SDCC, Marvel Studios, has decided to sit this one out and it is rumored that once the studio got wind of what Warner Bros. would be bringing to the convention, Marvel realized that they could not compete with the elder studio. That’s right. For Marvel, it was even too hot in the shade for them to show up.  Whether or not the Warner Bros. Studio panel will be that amazing is yet to be seen but on the home entertainment front, WBHE just announced that they would be bringing the legendary band KISS to destroy Hall H. That’s right. You wanted the best, you got the best. (more…)


There’s been a lot of news lately about the possibility of a second Mallrats movie. Back in 1995, Mallrats was the highly anticipated follow-up to Kevin Smith‘s big break, Clerks, but it ended up bombing. Horribly. It remained a black mark on Smith’s IMDb profile for some time, and then Cop Out was released. Kidding aside though, the film has been received more warmly by fans in the last 20 years, which undoubtedly helps Smith make a case for Mallrats 2. But that’s still about two years away at least, so what are Mallrats fans to do in the meantime. How about a reunion of some of the cast for a car commercial? No, I’m not drunk. (more…)


Now that Clerks III is apparently back on track thanks to a mysterious benefactor not named “Weinstein,” Kevin Smith is now free to do what he does best, talk about it! And while talking on one of his plurality of podcasting platforms, The SModcast, Smith confirmed what was perhaps the second most obvious piece of casting news for the film, that Jay & Silent Bob would be back for part III. The hetero-lifemates have been a part of many of Smith’s comedic efforts, including his first five films, plus the 2006 sequel Clerks II, so if you thought there would be a Clerks movie without everyone’s favorite, unionized Jersey pot dealers, you were really, really wrong. (more…)


Hard to believe it’s come to this, but after Clerks was funded with a fistful of credit cards, and after Clerks 2 got made on a scant $5 million, it seems that the cost of Clerks 3 is too rich for the Weinsteins’ blood. In sad 90s flashback news yesterday, writer/director Kevin Smith told the world the funding Clerks 3, at the grand total of $6 million, would not be coming from The Weinstein Company, his long-time patrons all the way back to that first Clerks movie. So what happens now? (more…)


Kevin Smith‘s Publicity-Pimping, Stage-Show, Road-Trip Tour is coming to a town near you, well maybe in the next state, no, not that one the other one. The show features their new animated movie, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.

The movie’s budget is unsurprisingly $69,000. Get it, 69, that’s some kind of exotic sex move that makes pre-teen boys giggle, and others like myself, that never really grew out of those fits of giggles and guffaws that follow someone farting, falling, or making an unexpected and unintended innuendo.


The animated movie was produced by Jason Mewes and animated by Steve Stark. Tickets to the live event will set you back at least $45 bucks with VIP tickets and bundle of goodies (T-Shirt, Signed Poster, Photo-Op, VIP Laminate and Lanyard) sucking $250 dollars right out of your back pocket, but you’ll get to see Smith strut across the stage with his arms raised shouting, “Are you not entertained?!?!” all Gladiator style. Smith can tell a good story.

Check out the trailer below, turn the sound down if you’re gonna ignore the NSFW warning in the title, the “F” bomb rains down like flak on D-Day at Omaha beach.

What do you think? Are you going to get out and check out the Tour? I’m not sure yet, but since I managed to get through this whole post without using the word “Snoogins” once I might just treat myself to some Jay & Silent Bob time.

Crap, I just used it didn’t I?

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This week on The Bastardcast: Jason and Jeremy welcome Noobz star Jason Mewes to the show! That’s right, we’ve drawn first blood in our non-going war with SModCo! While on the show, Mr. Mewes discusses his new flick and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

Also on the cast: the boys discuss the bullshit Oscar nominations, Monopoly‘s plan to Ice Flow one of it’s classic pieces, Disney‘s possible plans to build a video game console, the death of PS2 (yes, PS2), Jeff Lemire‘s new sci-fi anthology comic, the ongoing adventures of Honey Boo Boo, Guillermo del Toro‘s busy calendar, Jason’s mutant psychic powers, and more!

This week, for their extreme love of porn, we induct the greater metropolitan Washington D.C. area into the Hall of Excellence. Congrats guys and gals, now please delete your browsers history.

District of Columbia

The Bastardcast: We’re trying.

Kevin Smith has been talking (and talking and talking) again about what’s supposedly going to be his last film, the hockey flick Hit Somebody. Smith stays pretty busy with books, TV shows, speaking engagements and about six billion podcasts so it’s natural that there hasn’t been a lot of progress on the actually getting the damn film made front.

So it was something of a bomb when Smith let it be known in an interview with The Playlist that Hit Somebody will no longer be the two movie magnum opus that he’s been intending since he started talking about it last summer before the release of Red State.

The problem with ‘Hit Somebody’ is that I wanted to do it as two movies. It’s tough to get one hockey movie made, let alone two. So I’ve switched back to one movie. I had one-and-a-half scripts that I had to get down to one. I want to get it down to a 150-page script and I know that’s longer than the average script length but I figure I give myself a two-and-a-half hour length on paper knowing that I’m really ruthless in editorial and I can get it down to 2, 2:05, because this is a movie that takes place over 30 years,” he explained. “So at the end of the day if I can get the script down to 150 pages then I can pull the trigger and we’re off and running. And right now I’m at page 240. So I’ve still got to page 90 pages out. It’s a lot of material that I’m just paring down.

But… someone later wrote into /Film via their Tweeter feed that Smith was talking (and talking and talking) at a Q&A in Edmonton, Alberta about how Hit Somebody might possibly now be a miniseries. Nothing written in stone, but apparently, Smith and cohort/bestie will talk about it in episode 99 of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

As for when we might ever actually be able to see this film, Smith had some words (and words and words) about that too.

I’ve been occupying myself with ‘Spoilers’ or the ‘Jay And Silent Bob’ tour from which the EPIX special comes, I wrote the book, and there’s other TV stuff coming down the pike that’s kind of exciting. I’ve been keeping myself busy. People are like ‘What’s with that last movie?’ And it’s like, well, it is my last movie so I’m going to do it right and do it on my own timetable. I feel no need to rush into production. I still want to do it for as little money as possible. You’re talking about a movie that takes place between 1950 and 1980 – period piece. It’s going to be expensive, in a way that none of my other conversation pieces have been expensive, because those were pretty much set in the present. You’re talking about not only dressing motherfuckers through 30 years of period, but all the equipment, cars, so it’s going to cost a little bit of money. I’m going to try and keep it low. When I say a little bit of money I’m talking about $20 – 30 million.

If you ask me, Smith is going to keep talking about Hit Somebody, because the more he talks about whether or not its going to be two movies or a miniseries, the less he actually has to get down and make this and deal with the fact that he doesn’t really want to make his last movie. Expect to hear about Clerks 3 any day now.

Source: /Film

If you’ve been wondering if we will ever return to the The View Askewniverse (that mythical land created by Kevin Smith and home of Clerks and related films) – WONDER NO MORE!

In a recent AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit, Kevin Smith dropped that we will indeed see his onscreen alter-ego Silent Bob and his ever present companion Jay (Jason Mewes) once more in Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Yes, that’s right… it’ll be animated. Word is that a lot of the cartoon is already complete and that it will be heavy on celebrity cameos (anyone wanna bet that means Ben Affleck,) and will be in the hands of animator Steve Stark.

Apparently the plan is to promote the movie in a similar fashion as Smith’s Red State, a SModcast Pictures road tour sometime next year.

With over a year wait on seeing the pair of professional loiterers, remember you can also watch Smith’s SModCo Cartoon Show over on YouTube or any of the 6 episodes of the Clerks cartoon from 2000, unless you tossed that VHS tape out.

Source: MTV News/BleedingCool.com

This past Thursday night, thousands of movie goers were privy to Kevin Smith invading their theaters in a live simulcast of Kevin Smith: Live from Behind. The event featured Smith and his hetero life mate Jason Mewes doing their podcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, followed by an extended question and answer session. The Q&A revealed some very telling details on future projects.

As we already know, Smith’s hockey feature Hit Somebody will be his last feature length film. This is disheartening since Kevin still appears to have plenty in the tank. Anyway, Smith was hoping to have Hit Somebody ready for next year’s Sundance Film Festival, but with seven months till the submission deadline for Sundance 2013 and an upwards of 200 pages in script to sort through, Kev is not likely to deliver.

More details regarding Hit Somebody comes from film site Moviebuzzers.com. Their article states:

-Shooting is likely to start in June or July.
-The budget will be between $15-$20 million.
-The film is too pricey to tour ala Red State, but he does hope to host special Canadian screenings in hockey arenas with the -film playing projected on the ice.
-It takes place between 1950 and 1980 and isn’t a comedy. It’ll be more like Field of Dreams with hockey.

Aside from Hit Somebody, Kev dropped news on another project that fans are sure to gush like a school girl over… Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Yep, Jay and Bob are back! J&B Super Groovy Cartoon movie will be a blend of live action and R-rated animation helmed by Kevin and Smodcast Pictures.

While Smith never really spoke about the project Thursday night it was confirmed by /Film reader Raymond A. (Known as @smoothevity on Twitter) that Smith intends to have the animated film ready for Midnight Madness at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival.

What do you think about Smith and Mewes pairing up once again as their pop culture alter-egos?

Source: /Film