Jason Momoa

WB/DC seems to have listened to fans after Batman v Superman about the DCEU’s dark and dour atmosphere and messages. As Man Of Steel veered away from Clark Kent and closer to Kal-El, less Man and more Super, the film turned off a lot of average movies goers, especially those who were looking for a similar vibe to the Marvel Studios movies. But are they going too far towards Marvel with their next release Aquaman? Fans see a few similarities between Aquaman and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. Can we tell how similar the movies are before one is released? And will they be similar enough to hurt Aquaman‘s tickets sales?



There’s a new Justice League teaser making the Internet rounds after it’s premiere on the Today Show this morning. The teaser does feature a couple new shots for fans and the promise of a new trailer this Saturday. What is interesting is this teaser seems to focus on Jason Momoa as Aquaman which just pushed back its October 2018 release date to December of the same year. Check out the new teaser below. (more…)

Film adaptations of video games have always been hit or miss at the box office with “miss” being the most often used term to describe them, but that isn’t stopping the film-producing juggernaut that is Hollywood. The film adaptation of the popular video game series Just Cause has finally found its Agent Rico Rodriguez by casting none other than Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis, Conan the Barbarian, and Baywatch).


Momoa’s ‘Aquaman’ Finds Its Black Manta

Since the earliest ideas about the upcoming Aquaman movie has far surpassed the expectations that anyone had of the submarine superhero. Jason Momoa‘s burly protagonist reinvented Aquaman in a way that fit with the dark and powerful new image that DC has been creating for its heroes in its most recent wave of movies. Between director James Wan and a screenplay by Will Beall, the movie has had fans talking for some time already, even though it is not due for release until the summer of 2018. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros has been making progress with the rest of the cast. (more…)


Usually, this NerdBastard doesn’t really care if series are rebooted or not, but in this case, why won’t the studio just let The Crow franchise rest in peace? There’s been news of a reboot/re-imagining or whatever the heck it is they do these days in Hollywood with old material, but every time, just like Ghostbusters III, all that smoke just disappears once those final embers burn out. Once again, the news is that there is a reboot coming, but not from the last studio, Relativity Media, and perhaps not with the director and star already attached. (more…)


Filming has wrapped on Zach Snyder‘s Justice League and the cast and crew let loose and partied hard. Aquaman (Jason Momoa) posted a bunch of party pictures to Instagram including the one above with Batman (Ben Affleck). There’s still a ton of effects and editing to do, and don’t be surprised when re-shoots are announced in a month or so, it’s just the way things are done in Hollywood these days. Hopefully there will only be one edit of the film and not some cobbled together out of three different versions… yeah we’re looking at you Suicide Squad. Click on through and enjoy the party! (more…)


Is the long and winding road of The Crow remake’s tumultuous development finally coming to an end? That’s the scuttlebutt today, which suggests that the almost 10-year journey on the part of Relativity Media to reboot the 1994 cult classic seems to have now bore fruit with an expected start date just a few months hence. It’s been stop and go, stop and go for The Crow remake, with various stars and directors all coming onboard at various points depending on which way the wind blows. Many suspected that the nearly 25-year-old Alex Proyas film was cursed, but now it looks like this Crow is about to break free from development hell. (more…)