The mega video game expo known as E3 doesn’t official kick off until tomorrow (June 14th) but on this, the eve of the industry’s biggest media event, comes a slew of advance gaming trailers and footage. Already, we’ve seen some exciting trailers for Halo Wars 2 and Titanfall 2, as well as seeing some intriguing developments from X-Box’s Project Scorpio. Coming off the already exciting day in gaming, comes some footage Gun Media‘s upcoming Friday the 13th video game. They just revealed five new minutes of gameplay footage and it looks promising, and a little boring , but mostly promising. (more…)

‘Friday The 13th’ Heads To CW


Every single day, someone in Hollywood has an idea that has thousands of people crying, “WHY GOD, WHY?!?”.  A good 75% of these often lamented decisions are ideas on how to give an old fan-favorite property a new twist or, really, how to milk that property for all that it’s worth.  Well, horror fans, get ready to beat your chests in protests and curse any deity that may have allowed this idea to rear its ugly head, because Friday the 13th is coming to television. (more…)

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Sure, film slashers today use elaborate traps or transform into a beast to kill their victims, but what about the killers of old. As a child, did you ever hide under your covers after an evening of watching Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger rip victims limb from limb? Getting older, did you wonder which one is the king of the undead killers and which is just playing with their blade. As part of it’s Slasher Showdown, Yahoo ranked each killer by their number of kills and how many per movie (or lack thereof). This amazing infographic tots up the dead, coming up with a not so surprising result.

Nearly every killer scored a zero in one film or another and Freddy showed us that a burn victim with a glove is exactly that, a pussy. Jason and Michael scored double, and in Jason’s case, triple the kills that Freddy did. The moral here is if your killer comes at you in a sweater and fedora you stand a pretty good chance of making the sequel. Check it out below:



Regardless of whatever you may think of Burger Kings food there is no question they have some of the very best commercials/ads. Primarily the ones that feature the ever so silent, super creepy yet hilarious Burger King Mascot. You can’t get much better than the King or can you? Perhaps if you got some 80’s horror icons like Freddy, Jason and Chucky could you possibly trump the King. Well, that’s exactly what some ad based company in Dubai did. When Burger came to them for a print campaign advertising BK’s late night hours. As someone that loves fast food and horror films I can only say…..FUCK YEA! Of course the marketing is all sorts of wrong. Honestly, these ads implies that BK is the preferred food of murderous rapists. I didn’t know BK had a target demographic that big. Also on a side note: what’s up with the Scream guy? Nobody likes the Scream guy. Why not Leather Face? His mask, made of flesh resembles an angus beef patty. He’s a billboard onto himself.

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