Jaws 19


You know what, kids? In another year it will be 2015, and I don’t know about you, but I ain’t got no flying car or hover board. My local diner still has a human wait staff and I don’t have a fax machine in every room of my house (let alone the closets). Heck, my ties till has only a single knot in it! Frankly, I don’t know if we can take another hit in our belief that Back to the Future Part II was a prophetic work, but an internet fan has pointed out even more reason to be concerned. (more…)

Great Scott, Jaws 19 Is Coming in 3D?


UPDATE: Being that we were so excitied about this we damn near didn’t consider the validity of the news. Although nothing is confirmed here is what premier movie news site slashfilm said on twitter:

“Back to the Future will probably hit Blu-ray in 2010 BUT I’m pretty sure that the sellsheet that is being reported by sites around the internet is a fake.http://bit.ly/4Iy8DZ look at the BTTF.com watermark on the bottom right of the blu-ray disc art. That comes from BTTF.com’s international art posthttp://bit.ly/7m52OH Also, they did not shoot a Jaws 19 short. The whole thing screams of Fake.”

Very rarely do nerds cream their pants, wait… nerds cream their pants alot. Sexually awkward, premature ejaculaters we are. Atleast when it comes to women that is. However when it comes to nerd news we don’t often blow our load. Being that we are, for the most part cynical bastards. We are a hard bunch to impress. Anyway, prepare to bust a nut. FUCKING JAWS 19, in 3D is coming!!! As you Back to The Future fans know Jaws 19 is the feature film of 2015. Speaking of 2015, thats only 5 years away. Us lazy nerds need to get cracking with the flying cars and self drying jackets and for that matter Jaws 5-18. I digress, when Marty goes looking for his retarded future son he stumbles upon a cineplex and is unexpectedly engulfed or rather eatten by a 3D Jaws coming from said theatre. If you thought that was cool well be prepared to experince it yourself, at home. For the first time ever the Back to the Future trilogy is coming to Blu-ray in July and among the many special features it will include an exclusive short film, Jaws 19 in 3D. We don’t know anything about this short film except that it’s short and in 3D. Fucking regardless of whatever happens this is so awesome we can barley contain ourselves. Now if you will excuse me I have to go now and wipe the lovely nerd juice off my 27 inch iMAC.


source chud.com via toplessrobot