Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

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This week on The Bastardcast: Jason and Jeremy welcome Noobz star Jason Mewes to the show! That’s right, we’ve drawn first blood in our non-going war with SModCo! While on the show, Mr. Mewes discusses his new flick and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

Also on the cast: the boys discuss the bullshit Oscar nominations, Monopoly‘s plan to Ice Flow one of it’s classic pieces, Disney‘s possible plans to build a video game console, the death of PS2 (yes, PS2), Jeff Lemire‘s new sci-fi anthology comic, the ongoing adventures of Honey Boo Boo, Guillermo del Toro‘s busy calendar, Jason’s mutant psychic powers, and more!

This week, for their extreme love of porn, we induct the greater metropolitan Washington D.C. area into the Hall of Excellence. Congrats guys and gals, now please delete your browsers history.

District of Columbia

The Bastardcast: We’re trying.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are coming live to a theatre near you! Kinda. Sort of. Well, they’re live via satellite in their newest special, Kevin Smith Live From Behind. On February 2nd, Kevin and Jay will be broadcasting live from Toronto, CA into hundreds of theatres nationwide across the U.S. and Canada.

The special will consist of a live podcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, plus a a Q & A segment. For the Q & A you can record questions ahead of time and submit the videos to their website for a chance to be chosen. If your question is selected not only do you get it answered, live and most likely, hilariously, but you also win a signed poster. Bonus!

I’ve just purchased my tickets and they were $15, I’m not sure though, if prices vary from theatre to theatre.

Who else is planning to attend? Remember, Thursday February 2nd at 9:30pm ET at a theatre near you! Or you, in Canada!