Jayne Hat


They took your love, they took your land, they took your TV show, and now they have taken your Etsy store. Fans of Firefly know about loss and sadness, but industrious Browncoats were shocked, shocked I tell you, to find their Jayne hat (the knitted cap Jayne’s mamma knitted him) emporiums closed down with cease and desist letters in their mailboxes or cyber mail catching areas.

Apparently, after years of being a bit too conservative with the Firefly license (can you break off a few new action figures for a brother?) Fox has sold the Jayne hat license to Ripple Junction, who is selling the hats on ThinkGeek.

So, who is to blame for this foul flex of corporate muscle that is technically justified and understandable since they own the license that others have been profiting from for years?

According to Blastr, it isn’t Ripple Junction, and it isn’t ThinkGeek. According to Ripple Junction’s website, they actually got their start selling tee shirts out of a van outside of Grateful Dead concerts in the 90s, so I imagine the ghost of Jerry Garcia would be all shaky fisted if they did such a thing and ThinkGeek’s product page for the hats actually mentions Etsy in an incidental way.

How about Joss Whedon? Well, he’s a little too busy to weigh in on Knit-Gate, but he did speak lovingly about the hats in a 2008 interview with Crochetme.com, where he said: “I see them constantly. And it fills me with tiny knitted joy.”

So that leaves two options: the Alliance and Fox.

Either way, what do they care? Yes, knitters are in a snit, a knit snit if you will, but realistically, it could take a long time for them to put together a protest quilt, and by then people will have moved on.

Copyright laws are what copyright laws are, and despite the fact that those laws take the side of commerce over fan love (and also commerce) in instances such as this, crafty Browncoats can hold their heads high, because, so far no one has stepped up to stop them from making Hoban Washburne Chest Spear Koozies, and that ain’t nothing.

Source: BlastrCrochetme.com

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