Jeff Krelitz

This past Saturday, the second half of Doctor Who season six kicked back up with the epsisode “Let’s Kill Hitler”.  It was another strong episode from Steven Moffat and crew, but alas, there was supposed to be a Terminator inspired motor cycle sequence that was later cut.

For those that haven’t watched the episode yet, well [Spoiler Alert!] there’s a sequence involving Rory (Arthur Darvill) and Amy (Karen Gillan) chased after their daughter Melody Pond—aka River Song (Alex Kingston)- on a Nazi motorbike in World War II Berlin. All the while Rory and Amy are also getting chased themselves by some kind of Nazi/robot/Teselecta thingy. A very cool looking sequence, but onscreen it was cut quite short and there’s a good reason for it.

It was waaaaaay too expensive.

The problem with this Terminator 2-like chase sequence Steven Moffat had envisioned and written for the episode was it was simply too costly to film on the BBC budget. It does make sense however as there’s no way Arnold would have rode another motorcycle you can film everything you want, cuts have to be made. So being the geniuses they are over there in the UK they did the next best thing: a 60-second scene shot as a motion comic. Not as expensive and Moffat could still have everything he wanted, kinda.

Jeff Krelitz, CEO of Double Barrell Motion Labs, who put into motion that 60-second bridge sequence for “Let’s Kill Hitler”, talks about the scene and how they did it.

Via: Blastr