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Contrary to popular belief, the first four Transformers movies had scripts. I know, I know, sounds unlikely. It’s like ancient aliens, Nessie and an honest politician, a rumor too impossible to be believed. However, with the notably exception of Revenge of the Fallen, which was mostly plotted through pre-visualization thanks to the 2007-08 Writers Strike, every Transformers movie has begun with a script. Well now they’re going to begin with a team of writers deciding on a story for that script. As per recent reporting, Paramount Pictures has put Akiva Goldsman in charge to oversee a writers room for all upcoming Transformers movies, and some familiar names are amongst the first roster of Transformers’ writing staff. (more…)


Here’s something that has bad idea written all over it, but it’s being developed regardless. Nearly 25 years after its theatrical release, Paramount is talking about bringing Ghost to the small screen in a new series. Yes, that Ghost. The one with Patrick Swayze, pot making, the Righteous Brothers, and Academy Award winning acting by Whoopi Goldberg. (more…)

‘Fringe’ Bosses Talk Season 5 Deets

It was a minor miracle that Fringe beat the odds and got a fifth season. So now the question for Fringe fans, all 10 of them (Kidding!), is what’s going to happen in season 5: War with the Observers? More of Belly universe-collapsing madness? A three-headed baby for Peter and Olivia? Things are about to get spoilery, so if you want to remain pure, overt your eyes….


The first question for showrunners J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner: what effect will this past season’s future-centric episode “Letters of Transit” have going forward?

Wyman: Well, let’s say that basically 2036 is extremely important to Season 5. It’s crucial, but having said that, everything that you have seen in Fringe from Season 1 all the way to 4 is really, really, really, really important to what’s going on in Season 5, and 2036 is part of that.

Season 5 is designed to be very important, a huge payoff for loyal fans. They will feel like, “Because I invested in every single episode, and I have so many questions, I want these questions answered. And I want everything to be made sense of, but taken on a journey that just can’t be stopped. I want it to end in a place where I feel like everybody kind of belongs where they are and got what they’ve earned.” There will be a sense of satisfaction for those long-term viewers that go, “Wow, I really feel good. I feel OK about what has transpired, what I have watched. But I also can imagine life after that for our main characters.”

Question #2: How will having 13 episodes, as opposed to the usual 22, affect the storytelling next season?

It’s a 13-episode sprint; there’s no filler episodes. It answers some very bold questions. It culminates with a very satisfying type of crescendo that really is so important for the fans, that’s the biggest thing. That’s the only thing that’s really important is to make sure that they feel absolutely satiated.

Since Olivia was able to heal herself after a shot in the head in the season finale, does that mean the erstwhile Agent Dunham is Wolverine now?

Olivia healed because of all the Cortexiphan. At the end of Season 4, as Walter said on the screen, because of the wildly activated Cortexiphan in her body, this experiment to heal her brain tissue would work.  Because that’s not constantly the case, because that’s just a fleeting condition, absolutely, she could be killed.

Also at the end of season 4, Broyles was promoted and Fringe Division was given more money. So how is that going to affect our heroes?

Pinker: You will see changes, but you will see things that are familiar, as well.  I know that’s a terrible answer, but the truth is, I just can’t say in specificity what exactly is going to happen.

How about what’s next for the “Other Side”, the alternative Earth that’s been at the centre of much of Fringe’s mythology for the last three years…

Pinker: We had a conversation with Fox earlier in the season while we were closing the door, one of our Fox executive partners said, “I was so sad.  I had tears in my eyes when we closed the door, and we said, “Yeah, these were characters that you never wanted us to introduce in the first place because you were afraid that nobody would care about them.”  She said, “I was so wrong.”

So no more Agent Lee, I guess. Anyway, Pinker and Wyman really want to thank the fans for making whatever happens in season 5 possible.

Wyman: We’re so thankful. Four years of everybody working incredibly hard, people have put their heart and soul in this show, and by some amazing miracle, we get a chance to get more canvas to paint on, and it’s like the biggest thrill and honor, and we’re just going into it knowing that we’re very fortunate.

Fringe returns next fall on Fox.

Source: Screen Rant