I love midday special deliveries! My mailman is Santa Claus and he doesn’t even know it.

The fine folks at Hasbro Toys sent Nerd Bastards another awesome care package. This time, it was a sampling of their San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusives. *fans self like a southern bell* My word, I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this swag is. Truly, very little impresses me these days (having my finger constantly on the pulse of pop culture has desensitized me), but this box of wonders put a big damn smile on my face. Honestly, what kind of nerd would I be if I didn’t have a geek-gasm over a box of G.I. Joes and Marvel action figures?

The box contained 4 out of the 9 exclusives Hasbro is offering for SDCC2012. All four of these items would make any nerd say “shut up and take my money”. We got a G.I. Joe 3.75″ KIM ARASHIKAGE (aka Jinx) special edition figure. Marvel Legends Special Edition UNCANNY X-FORCE Collector’s 3 Pack; featuring Archangel, Wolverine and Psylocke. Marvel Universe 3.75 MASTERS OF EVIL special edition 3 pack; featuring Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man and Tiger Shark. Lastly, there’s the massive G.I. Joe H.I.S.S. Tank vehicle with Shockwave Deco and 3.74″ Destro & B.A.T. special edition pack.

Did you read all that? The items might as well sell themselves. They’re that awesome. I honestly cannot find the words to express my constant double takes of joy. Seriously, if I keep looking back at fourth a this quartet of toys I’m gonna give myself whiplash.

While I’m having a nerd-spam over all the items, the one I love most has got to be the G.I. Joe H.I.S.S. Tank. It’s a 2 foot tall box with with artwork from the G.I. and the Transformers mini comic. Talk about packaging that pops. It’s striking, bold and colorful. It’s a shame nobody makes packages like this anymore. The box contents are equally awesome. Besides the huge H.I.S.S. Tank with Shockwave deco, the set comes with a 3.75-inch Destro action figure with special edition Decepticon deco, a 3.75-inch Cobra B.A.T figure with custom Constructicon deco. The set also comes with several energon cubes on a cart, a briefcase full of money and a small boom box with 3 cassette tape – better known to Transformers fans as the classic alt-mode of Decepticon Soundwave along with Ratbat, Laserbeak and Ravage. Yo, Jo AND Roll Out! Amirite?

So, basically, my inner 9 year-old is running wild. It’s pretty fantastic how Hasbro manages to capture the kid in all of us. That speaks volumes to their line of products and how they market them. Kudos to them!

Like I said, this box of goodies was a mere tease of Hasbro’s SDCC exclusives. There is so much more. Bigger and better things. Like, for example, the ginormous S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the Star Wars Carbonite Chamber Collectors Pack and the revival of Jem from Jem and the Holograms. Hit the jump for a full run-down.

Oh, before you scroll down. I’d like you all to know that Nerd Bastards will be holding a SDCC giveaway contest. We haven’t drawn up the details yet, but the prize package will include a few of the items mentioned today (I’m keeping the G.I. Joe H.I.S.S. Tank. Sorry) and few other goodies. Stay tuned before and during SDCC 2012 for more information.


San Diego Comic Con 2012 is quickly approaching (July 11th-15th). As another year of nerdy goodness comes our way, so does a slew of new and exciting exclusive toys/collectibles.

Having scoured the net for  SDCC items, I can’t say I’m that impressed with this years selection. Past years have been better. Still, there’s enough desirables to break a toy geeks wallet. I for one, want the He-man power sword letter opener, Hasbro’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and the Star Wars Special Edition Carbonite Chamber Collectors Pack. Oh, and I want the (resurrected) JEM doll by Hasbro. What? Jem is contagious. Jem is outrageous! And I expect you, the reader, to buy them for me. Come on, I supply you with news and entertainment everyday. The least you can do is buy me a few toys. Eh, I kid. You don’t have to buy me toys. Naked pictures of your mom would be adequate recompense.*smirk*

So, I rifled off the 4 biggest collector items, but there’s a lot more product. So much so that Comic Con should be renamed Collectible Con. Meh, lame joke. How about we get to the toys, shall we?

Hit the jump for a list of the things you want, the things you need and everything you can’t have.



This Jiz is Contagious.


With all the depression surrounding the canceling of Heroes we thought you could use a laugh. So enjoy the video below.It’s a parody of the 80’s classic Jem which centered around the title character who was a pop star/inspiration to little girls everywhere. This version centers around Jiz a trans gendered, pro abortion,lesbian who is attracted to shitty panties. While the video is SFW the audio definitely isn’t.   Bet you a dollar that at some point after watching this you’ll say in a gruff voice “I’ll stick my fucking finger and kill the baby myself.” Oh, you won’t? Whatever don’t judge me. That shit is funny.