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After the cliff-hanger season finale last year, fans of the hit television show Dexter have been like 5-year olds waiting in the bathroom queue – legs crossed and hopping up-and-down on one foot.  Though there’s still plenty of time before the September 30th premiere of season 7, at least hope is finally in sight.  This 7th season is, if the reports are to be believed, the second-to-last of Dexter.

All the classic characters will be back for the new season, of course, most notably the loveable killer Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and his adoring (perhaps too much?) sister Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter).  In addition, Louis Greene (the creepy computer hacker from season 6) is supposed to be taking a more prominent role in the new season, which promises some interesting results.

Those in charge have even decided to throw out some tidbits to get fans’ mouths watering in anticipation of how the new season will develop.  It has been stated that Dexter will no longer be the “lone wolf” he was in previous seasons, now that Deb has found out his dirty little secret.  They also plan on delving deeper into the Deb-loves-Dex storyline, which, while bordering on incest, should be immensely entertaining.

Despite some criticism from fans that the show has been lacking lately, Dexter is currently Showtime’s #1 rated series and nominee of countless awards.  With the 6th season rated higher than any of those previous, the show is gaining momentum as it winds down to the inevitable conclusion.  Hopefully, the new season will silence the naysayers and give loyal fans an amazing build-up to the grand finale of season 8.

Source: TheDailyBlam

EDITORS NOTE: Special thanks to future writer NB Jason McAnelly for today’s Dexter update.


It is official, Ron Howard may have found his main character for The Dark Tower movies and TV Series.

According to Dateline, actor Javier Bardem (who was recently nominated for an Academy Award) has officially been offered the role. However, it is important to note that negotiations have not yet begun, so there is still a chance that he may not take the job. The role would be a multi-year commitment to appear in three movies and two seasons of a television show, most likely done as a mini-series. So, it is an extremely large commitment to undertake.

Earlier today, it was rumored that Christian Bale was up for the role, alongside the forever rumored Viggo Mortensen. I can see any of the three actors excelling in the role of Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger in a world that has “moved on.”

All rumors for the series have been around Roland, and no other characters have been mentioned, such as Jake (a kid pulled into Roland’s quest), Eddie (a recovering drug addict who becomes a gunslinger in his own right), and Susannah (an enigmatic woman with a deadly secret).

Rumors surfaced today that Jennifer Carpenter (Deb in Dexter) is in contention for the role of Susannah. Seeing how this project would consume numerous years, I doubt Carpenter will take part if she is still under contract for Dexter.

Do you think Bardem can pull of the role of Deschain? What about Carpenter as Susannah?