jennifer connelly

Fans have been wondering what role Jennifer Connelly would play in Spider-Man: Homecoming since her casting was announced, but there was little to go on as only her character name was listed. Now the cat is out of the bag as the movie hits theater screens and unless you want to keep this little nugget spoiler free until you see Spider-Man: Homecoming, don’t click-through. Those of you that don’t give a fig, check out how cool that unknown role actually is below.



She battled the Goblin King in Labyrinth, took out Nazis in The Rocketeer, had her mind wiped in Dark City and now she is going to be taking on Alita. Hollywood’s forthcoming adaptation of the hit Manga and Anime, Battle Angel Alita (Known as Gunnm (銃夢) in Japanese) has cast Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly (Requiem For A Dream, A Beautiful Mind, and Hulk) in the role of an as yet unnamed villain.  (more…)


In an age where thousands of films are produced per year, it is sometimes difficult to imagine the many that barely scratch the surface of popular culture.  Plenty of others have their moment in the spotlight and then disappear.  Only the rare few can truly stand the test of time.  David Bowie’s Labyrinth is one of those special few.  But what makes the 1986 cult classic so well-loved that not only one generation, but now three, call it a favorite?  Why is this film so different from the Hollywood standard?  It’s not just nostalgia for a time before CGI, and it’s not just because a legend passed and so many want to remember him.  It’s so much more than that. (more…)

labyrinthwormIf you’re a nerd, you know exactly from whence this little worm hails!  He’s only one of the best parts of the entire movie Labyrinth! Think Geek has done it again by bringing this awesome dude into plushie form, just for your enjoyment.  It is much bigger than the puppet that appeared in the movie, but that makes it better.  Now you can cuddle with him and go inside and have a cup with his missus.  I guess.  Buy one!  You know you want to!

Now all they need to make is a replica of those moving eyeball things that make those “ooh” noises from the walls as she walks by them.  I would take one of those and put it in my bathroom so that whenever someone goes to the bathroom, the eyes focus on the person and they go “Ooooh!”