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With Netflix/Marvel Studios’ Daredevil now having an actual factual release date, excitement for the series is hitting a fever pitch. With just about three months until fans and the curious will be able to see all 13 episodes of the first season, the truly anxious are eager to get answers to a whole whack of questions concerning what the show will look like, what all we might expect, and what role the Man Without Fear might play in the broader context of Marvel’s series and films. Thank God for Twitter then. Recently, Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight (Spartacus) responded to fan questions on the social media site, addressing all manner of queries about his show, and his thoughts on the last attempt to make project based on Hell Kitchen’s antihero of choice: 2003’s Daredevil released by 20th Century Fox. (more…)


Now that we know that the still untitled Batman vs/and Superman Finest Justice League in the World (featuring Wonder Woman) sequel to Man of Steel has been bumped back nine months, it is a safe bet that we’re no closer – and probably farther away from – hearing any “official” details on the project beyond the endless stream of rumors and speculation. Luckily, we have something that (while technically both rumor and speculation) comes from our new Batman’s wife and man-friend. Yes, Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith gave a little bit of info on what Batman Ben Affleck will look like in the new bat-suit.  (more…)


The forfeiture of the rights to Daredevil from Fox might hopefully prevent more disasters like Elektra in the franchise’s future. Of course, no one ever sets out to make a bad movie, it just kind of happens that way as budgets are slashed, directors are change and producers’ input is given more weight than maybe it should be.

Which brings us to Stu Zicherman. After doing a first draft of Elektra and seeing it eventually tank before his eyes, Zicherman retreated to TV and worked on series like What About Brian, Six Degrees and Lights Out. Earlier this month though he returned to working on the big screen with the comedy A.C.O.D., which debuted at Sundance. And while talking to Badass Digest at the film festival, he was asked about where everything on Elektra went wrong.

Elektra is one of the reasons I got into television,” Zicherman says candidly. “I spent a year writing the movie, and it was supposed to be this gigantic movie, and then they decide they’re not going to make an $80 million movie, they’re going to make a $30 million movie, they bring in a director we didn’t know, you get fired, someone else comes in and rewrites the entire movie, but you still get credit because you wrote the first draft. Then you go to the premiere in Las Vegas, and 30 seconds into the movie you’re like, ‘Oh, [expletive].'”

Disappointed? You bet. Any lingering resentment though?

“I literally, to this day, am still so embarrassed by that movie. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I know Jennifer Garner is too. She hired us to write the movie, which was pitched as something much more smart and sophisticated … it’s a blemish. ”

Ouch. But then again if you wrote Elektra, how would you feel?

Watch the full interview below.

Source: Blastr

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