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American Idol Transformer

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American Idol. Oi! It angers me greatly. We live in an age full of extremely talented and honest musicians who are pretty much ignored by the majority of the populace and yet a group of untrained, generally good looking model types frolic around on stage huffing and puffing renditions of songs written by greater artists than they could ever be solely because a “reality show” is the only proven way to get a goddamn job. Regardless, American Idol is so overwhelmingly popular that it doesn’t make sense for me to talk about how much I dislike it.

What I do like, however, are Transformers and fans with gusto. On last nights Idol in San Fransisco (Feb 9th) a crafty nerd, with a tad over zealous obsession with ‘robots in disguise’,  tried out for America’s karaoke contest in a self-made transformer’s costume…that actually drives. Struttin’ his ‘sterner stuff’ and singing a pretty awful rendition of ‘Born to be Wild’ by Steppenwolf in front of the likes of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. The shit was HILARIOUS and totally AWESOME!

Doing some research (aka a few tokes of a ganja and a couple lazy looks around YouTube) I found that this transforming, self propelled costume is from the mind of YouTube user  Running Blind (Idol contestant Drew Beaumier) It’s supposedly the worlds first driving transformer costume. The ‘Artemis Mark IV Prototype’ as it’s called is a modified ‘Power Wheel’, the electronic kid car.

Idol. Drew Beumier. ‘One Shall Stand and One Shall Fall’. Regardless of having his singing dreams crushed, the matrix of leadership will guide Drew in his darkest hour.

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