Jennifers Body

Jennifer’s Body Review….I’m SO Sorry

I am a humble man. I also happen to be very self loathing. So when I’m off base, or remotely wrong, I can admit it. I have no problem calling myself out for a moment of reflection to see my faults for what they are. Tonight is one of those moments. I have just finishing washing off the last remaining filth that has seeped into my skin, having just come from the film “Jennifer’s Body”, a film I had high expectations for turned out to be so shockingly deplorable, I am still stunned. (more…)

So we have my expectations running high, not on the quality but on the vig for what will make the wages or the failure pages.  Just for my quick predictions for the two race runners, two polar oppsites, teen wannabe horror flick “Jennifer’s Body”, and the Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com “Love Happens”. So I believe the 7/10 split will be half the Diablo Cody fan’s who want to see if Meghan Fox can act for real, or the girls who drag their men to see an awkward romance. (more…)

The Red Band Trailer for Meghan Fox’s new flick “Jennifer’s Body” is available…Not available to embed for some reason but definetly Spiked right here for your viewing pleasure.

Also in Foxy news, she is slated to host the 35th season premiere of SNL on September 26. With a new digital short on the show and her being the new Angelina Jolie of the oncoming decade, this, could potentionally show us whether or not she can act, and not only look super hot running away from robots……We shalt see…