Jesse Plemons


…One of these five guys. Maybe.

Variety is reporting that J.J. Abrams is close to casting the lead role in Star Wars: Episode VII with only a handful of actors on his short list and it is a very interesting short list indeed. According to their sources the main character (who will not be the offspring of Leia and Han Solo or Luke and.. um… Luke’s friend) could be one of these five actors, however they did add he caveat that ‘the search is still on‘  just incase this turns out to be bunk.

So, who could be (allegedly) facing off against the (rumored) villainous Adam Driver, who’s (reportedly) been cast as the films bad guy? (more…)

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It looks like a little more news concerning the development of the new Star Wars flick has reached the Internet, this time with a healthy dose of official confirmation and much less rumormill nonsense. In a recent chat with the press at the SAG Awards, none-other-than J.J. Abrams himself answered a few questions about how things are going and addressed a few of the rumors that are dominating the web right now. Scroll down to check out what he had to say. (more…)


Another week, another batch of Star Wars Episode VII rumors have zoomed around the internet, but what’s legit, and what’s, to borrow a phrase, poppycock? In a new article, Latino Review tries to shed light on the matter, what rumors carry water, and which ones are less than probable. Any discussion about the film, they say, is being kept under tight lock and key by Disney, but apparently enough details have gotten out to give us an indication of what’s real and what’s not about the development of Episode VII. (more…)


Two years. A little less than two years till we finally get to see this thing called Star Wars Episode VII. What do we know? Nothing really. J.J. Abrams is directing, Kathleen Kennedy is producing, and Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan are re-workng the script written by Michael Arndt. Details? Fuggedaboutit! But one of the Hollywood trade publications took the weekend opportunity to have a rumor dump of all the latest speculative casting for the film, from those already mentioned, to those we’ve yet to hear associated with the project, to the original actors who may, or may not, have bigger parts in the expanded franchise. (more…)

I can only imagine that would have to be the plot of the movie, right? Someone guesses the positioning of a ship, it’s sunk, then someone cries out in agony, “You sunk my battleship!” Give the trailer a watch, then we’ll decide.

Honestly, I think my movie sounds better. In what looks like a film created at the altar of Bay, Battleship is about a hotshot naval officer serving under Liam Neeson, who also happens to be said hotshot’s girlfriend’s daddy. Uh-oh, tension! When out on a routine exercise they spy a half-submerged craft in the ocean, which turns out to be what, a Transformer? I’m kind of confused. We then have an ariel shot I’m guessing is supposed to give us the connection to the classic Milton Bradley no Hasbro board game, as well as the alien? ship firing some kind of peg missile. And why is Eric Northman there? Surely vampires can’t serve in the U.S. Navy.

I feel like this movie’s a stretch, but I’m interested to see what screen writers Jon and Erich Hoeber managed to make of it. Battleship is directed by Peter Berg and stars Taylor KitschAlexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, Brooklyn DeckerRihanna (yes, for realz, the singer), Josh PenceJesse Plemons and Peter MacNicol. It’s set to open May 18th.

source: /Film