Jewel Staite

Its hard to believe that 10 years ago at this time, Fox was misusing and abusing a little series called Firefly, Joss Whedon’s now seminal series which combined space opera with the Old West to create one of the most unique and fascinating science fiction shows since the originalStar Trek. Naturally, it was cancelled after 13 episodes.

Well, on this occasion of its tenth anniversary, and as they’re airing the run of Firefly in intended order, the Science Channel hosted a special tenth anniversary panel for Firefly at New York Comic Con today. Although it was unlikely to be the barn-burner the one in San Diego was earlier this year, there was still enough for Browncoats to get excited about: a first look at the Browncoats Unite special (which airs on November 11 at 10 pm), some insights from the people that made the special, and even some surprise guests (each more surprising than the last).

So let’s end the teasing there and segue into a recap of the panel, as interpreted by our fine Bastard crew.



Just mention Firefly to any television geek or nerd, and there will be a collective sigh. It was a show that never found its audience on the air, due to airing episodes out of order and constantly shifting it around the schedule, but it found new life and a cult following on DVD.

To be fair, there was some resolution with the movie Serenity, which was directed by show creator Joss Whedon, and allowed us to revisit all the characters we learned to love. But, it was still never enough for us Browncoats (what Firefly fans call themselves).

The amazing and lovely Jewel Staite (who played to engineer Kaylee on the show) has a new blog on (check it out here) where she writes about her experiences as an actress, as well as answers fan questions. And one fan asked her the question we’ve all been dying to know – How would she have wanted Firefly to have ended?

Well, I wouldn’t have, now would I? But in my perfect imagination, it ends a little something like this: Nine glorious seasons later, Kaylee and Simon have had several beautiful brunette babies, a couple of which have turned out to be crazy geniuses like their Auntie River (Firefly: the Next Generation?), and one who mysteriously looks a lot like Matthew Fox, who became a regular cast member in season six. River has finally found her marbles and is now captaining her own ship with her loyal second-in-command, Jayne, who claims that River is the best captain he’s ever known. Saffron is now their mercenary, and Jayne’s lover. And because this is the future and vast discoveries have been made in the world of medicine, Jayne is pregnant with their first child. Inara and Mal finally profess their undying love for each other while Inara is, well, dying in his arms (something gruesome, lotsa blood), and Mal finally realizes that life is short. And promptly confesses his (other) undying love to Zoe. And she promptly punches him in the face.