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Considering Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns series kicked off back in 1986, it’s a legitimate question as to why DC would choose now to reveal its conclusion, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. The answer appears to be that Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film is heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns comic arc. Miller will be co-writing with Brian Azzarello, who has written titles like 100 Bullets, Batman: Flashpoint, and Wonder Woman. Starting this fall and marking the 30th anniversary of The Dark Knight Returns original run, the 8-part series will be published on a twice-monthly schedule. (more…)

dc-post-new-52The New 52 is dead. Long live the New 52 (sorta)!

Earlier today, DC Comics announced that following this spring’s Convergence event their entire line-up will be overhauled and a bold new direction for the comic company will begin, one focused on diversity, accessibility, and every other buzzword comic book companies use to describe major shake-ups such as this.

Still, when you look into the details it seems that DC might have some method to this madness. Fresh talent working with long time veterans. Bestselling fan-favorite series will be joined by a very interesting (and surprising) list of new titles. (more…)


Convergence. Sweet name for a crossover, right? Especially when you’re bringing various universes together. Well done, DC Comics. Yes, DC has announced their next, great, universe-altering comic book crossover, and it is called Convergence. The events of Convergence will be spun out of the events being currently portrayed in the final issues of The New 52: Future’s End and Earth 2: World’s End, so if you read those you might have a better understanding where all this is going, but for the rest of you, you’re going to have to muddle through the complexities of multiverses and timelines it order to get a handle on the situation. Good thing this series isn’t starting till April because you may be required to do some homework on this one. (more…)

On the eve of the what is being touted as an iconic moment between icons, it looks like its the end of the line for one of comics longest standing romances. This week Justice League #12 hits the stands and will feature the first kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman (their first as far as the new 52 status quo is concerned that is.) What does that mean for Lois and Clark?

Well, if you are a fan of the romance that first hit print in 1938, we have bad news for you.

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns spoke with with the Associated Press, the AP’s Matt Moore writes:

One aspect that did not survive the relaunch: Lois Lane’s role as Superman’s love. She’s still around, but the two have never dated, nor are they likely to.

Geoff Johns, who writes “Justice League” is laying out a story that looks not only at the couple but the effects on others, too, Lee said.

“The way Geoff unfolds the story and the implications of 2 of the most powerful characters in the DCU becoming a team is something that goes beyond the question of ‘What about Lois and Clark?'” Lee said.

“This is a statement to every nation and geopolitical organization in the entire DC Universe giving creative teams ample material to explore this relationship on so many different levels.”

Now, I do realize it was more the writers assumption than a direct quote from Lee or Johns, however the powers that be at DC are also completely avoiding addressing the now retconed out of existence near 75 year romance. Everything points to big blue and the amazonian’s new relationship to be the modern comic book power couple, meanwhile Lois is shacked up with some other dude and views Clark as simply a friend and a colleague.

Personally, it seems like an odd choice to make really. Not only does it ignore one of the most widely known facts about the characters, that Lois and Clark are destined to be together, it also seems to contradict the up coming big screen reboot of the Man of Steel.

An interesting choice, DC editorial.

Source: Newsarama

It’s breaking news in the world of superhero romance, Superman and Wonder Woman, easily two of the most iconic and most powerful heroes in DC‘s, are hookin’ up. And it’s no one issue stunt or an Elseworld’s tale or even some silly dream sequence, this is for realz. As writer Geoff Johns revealed to Entertainment Weekly, “This is the new status quo.” Apparently, a big event, something possibly tragic, will rock the league and the two supers will seek solace with one another.

I can’t say the news is completely shocking, ever since the New 52 began there’s been rumors the famed marriage of Superman and Lois Lane had been dissolved in order to make way for a new romance between Supes and Wondy. I guess, I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Here’s the big reveal on the cover of Justice League #12, releasing August 29th,

Honestly, the cover is beautiful and it’s a great superhero spin on famous scenes Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and Alfred Eisenstaedt’s V-J Day in Times Square photograph, which artist Jim Lee drew inspiration from. But something about this new super-romance feels very stunt-like to me. I know, I know, Johns say this isn’t a stunt, but why the hell else would you put Superman and Wonder Woman together if it wasn’t to ruffle some feathers and make a big fuss? Isn’t that what a stunt is? And Johns says they’re hoping to ’cause a stir, and you know a big stir is coming as the legions of Superman/Lois Lane fans will be airing their outrage in the coming days.

Ugh, I don’t know about you guys, but this feel wrong. It seems cheap and lazy. Of course your two most powerful characters would get together, it’s predictable. Granted, I dropped Justice League after issue six so I have no idea what kind of flirting or pent-up sexual frustration the two heroes have been dealing with. Maybe this is something readers have been aching for.

No matter what, I’ll always prefer my Superman and Wonder Woman more like this,

Less like this,

And besides, it’s Batman and Wonder Woman who should really be getting together,

(This last panel comes courtesy of Jill Pantozzi, @TheNerdyBird. She spreads the Bat-truth.)

Anyway, what say you about Superman and Wonder Woman being an official thing? Do you mourn for poor, spurned Lois? Or do you think this is the only way those two could every really be happy? I mean, I guess it all worked out that way in Kingdom Come.

Comics Rewind: ‘Batman: Hush’

Hi kids. Matthew here. You might have noticed a different name at the top of Comics Rewind this week. Well, shocking as it may seem, I am far from the only comics enthusiast here at NerdBastards, and this week our own Jason Tabrys emailed and asked if he could write about a comic he’d developed a strong opinion about. Since I’m forever digging my way out of a mountain of back issues, I figured I’d pass the torch to him this week. I’ll be back next week with more of my own thoughts. For now, enjoy Jason’s take on Batman: Hush.

Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams’ Hush series is often described as a great and contemporary masterpiece. After reading the collected works (Batman #608-619) I have a hard time agreeing with those exact words, but I do think that the story is damn fine with masterful art (Lee is the finest active Bat-penciler around) and that it should perhaps stand as an unrivaled entry point for new readers who need to spy both the Bat Man’s origin, his angst, and his ultimate mission.

Why does Hush fall shy of greatness in my view? Essentially, it tries to say too much and tries to fit in too many stories, leaving us off balanced and ultimately not as affected by the conclusion because we’ve already been lead to believe that the true mastermind has been unveiled numerous times.

In the beginning of the story we see Killer Croc, almost sympathetic and drawn like a blur of tough skin and sharp teeth. Poison Ivy is seductive and sinewy as she pulls his strings — a puppet-master who is also a puppet herself. We’re “introduced” to Catwoman as a shadow, crawling in the background with a treat in hand. Soon we learn that she is under Poison Ivy’s spell and soon we see that Batman is under hers.

The entire run pays respect to the characters noir origins with constant double-crosses, and an uneasy relationship with a strong willed and equally suspicious “dame” who may or may not be in on the con. As I said up top, we’re thrown off balance, but so is Batman as he sees the open and flourishing relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane with envy in his eyes. Can he let Catwoman in, can Bruce Wayne pull back the cowl and share his life?

That question, along with Batman/Bruce Wayne’s intimacy and trust issues, his guilt for the times that those closest to him have been hurt, and his instincts which seem to be betraying him due to the head spinning games that are encroaching on his world stand at the heart of Hush.

Major Spoilers Ahead!

Speaking of those games, we get a glimpse of nearly every primary Bat-character: from Harold Allnut to Jason Todd, the other two “Robins”, the Joker, Harvey Dent, Oracle, Huntress, Clayface, Jim Gordon and others — all written wonderfully, all standing out as unique characters in this world who either tax or enhance Bruce Wayne and Batman’s life. We are also introduced to Doctor Thomas Elliot early on, an old friend of Bruce Wayne’s whose childhood trauma paralleled his own and who, as an adult, seems to stand as tall as the man Bruce Wayne could have been — a rich, successful surgeon, with a heart of gold — just like Thomas Wayne.

At the end of the game, when all the music stops playing we know how different  “Tommy” is, a bizzaro version of the boy who grew up grieving for his parents and vowing to apply justice to an unjust world. And though there is one last twist at the end that reveals the identify of the mastermind behind all of this, I am vastly more interested in the metaphorical “New Batman” that is left standing after all is said and done.

After a war that sees ally’s and enemies fall, a relationship bloom where the earth had been previously salted, the strength of his friends, and the realization of his worst fear, Batman’s world is changed, but he is not and as we step away from the book we see a more damaged Bruce Wayne who is even more suspicious and un-trusting. In essence, while Batman has won the war, Bruce Wayne has not.

As The New 52 marches on into its third wave, rumors are afoot that one of the forth wave books may be an oldie but goldie from the early Image days of Jim Lee’s Wildstorm: WildC.A.T.s.

We all know that Lee will check out of pencilling Justice League at the end of his current run, and the supposition is that Lee is leaving to work on WildC.A.T.s, the creator-owned book that Lee helped launch Image Comics with back in 1992. It’s worth noting that a couple of WildC.A.T.s have already had their own solo books in the New 52 – Grifter and Voodoo – so perhaps going out there with an all-new team book with the characters is a natural evolution.

DC had nothing official to say about the rumor, but it is worth noting that this would be the sixth iteration of WildC.A.T.s to hit the newsstands in the last 20 years.

What do you think Bastards, would you be excited to see another Jim Lee drawn WildC.A.T.s book?

Source: Bleeding Cool

Yes it is that time again, time to rip into a new week of comic book releases. A handy guide to how you should spend your money at the comic store and also a great excuse for me to ignore my wife and family. I assume an oversized pull list is not grounds for divorce. One small note about this weeks edition, when I got home (stack of comics in hand) a power outage forced me into reading them all by candle light, just like Amish comic book fans! Hey, it was either that or learn to churn my own butter and how am I suppose to do that without access to Wikipedia?

As another calendar year is about to wrap I’ve been reading a lot of speculation on the comic industry in 2012. My opinion? I think it’s going to grow and flourish. Not the heady heights of the speculative driven market of the early 90s but it will thrive. Six months ago there was a lot of doom and gloom about the future of comics, sales where shrinking, readers where starting to drop off and, the whole industry seemed stagnate (and also Marvel fired a bunch of support staff, always a bad sign.) Now? Sales are up, hitting some highs even, and say what you will about digital, it is a evolution of the industry and is apparently reaching new readers. Yes, I am old fashioned and prefer the ever growing stacks of comics that crowd my office. I also have an iPad filled and each week seem to buy at least one or two books digitally.

One last thought on 2012 in comics, and that is Free Comic Book Day! Mark your calendars kids, the next one hits on May 5th, 2012 – the day after Avengers debuts in theaters – so it should be a damn exciting time to be a comic nerd. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Jim Lee’s t-shirt design to mark the event.

Looks good, love the return of the thought bubble (so… the ‘Y’ is thinking about what year it is?), just… I know this is old news and we’re all suppose to be over it by now, but… damn it. Superman looks naked without the red underoos on the outside.

 We should probably get to reading some comics today, shouldn’t we. Ok, this week we’ve got a whole new number one  from DC’s New 52 to go through. It’s something old that is new again, for like the 9th time, I’ll warn you my expectations are low. Also, Marvel’s latest hero vs hero slug fest kicks off with a shot so we’ll see who fired first and if we really should care. The last two, horror comics seem to be hitting a renaissance of sorts so we’ll check back in on a book that helped make that happen and a new one that looks so damn nice.

Your 4×4 fast and furious reviews start after the jump.