Jim Steranko

jim steranko

After ten episodes of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Internet community seems none-too-impressed with this television adaptation of the Marvel Universe. Even I, a man who has tried to remain optimistic about the show’s progress, have begun to lose my faith. It seems that for every one thing they do right, they mess two things up. There’s also another guy – one more important than any raving fanboy – that’s not happy with the way the series is moving – the Nick Fury writer himself, Jim Steranko. (more…)


When The Hollywood Reporter goes to review ABC‘s and Marvel‘s Agents of SHIELD they don’t simply assign it to some intern or staff writer, they go ahead and ask Jim Steranko; renowned comic book artist and part of the creative team for the original Nick Fury. Y’know, no big deal. (Jeez, what a bunch of show offs!)

Anyway, for obvious reasons Steranko knows what he’s talking about when it comes to SHIELD, but how does his opinion of Agents of SHIELD‘s pilot measure up with everyone else’s? (Like ours, found right over here.) Well… let’s just say Steranko ain’t impressed. He mentions his expectations were high, like all of ours were, and that because of this SHIELD didn’t deliver on what films like The Avengers promised.

Here’s just a snippet of his critique,