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The announcement that 20th Century Fox was willing to bet on the fan excitement over Neill Blomkamp‘s Alien art project came as kind of a shocking. Welcoming news for sure, but kind of surprising. At this point though, any tangible news about Blomkamp’s Alien counts only as idle speculation, but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t expect people to start coming out of the woodwork to lay their claim to a piece of it. Enter Louis CK. That Louis CK? Yes, the comedian, through a very trusted source, has let the world know that not only is he interested in appearing in the new Alien movie, but he has a very specific role in mind for himself. (more…)


So I owe someone in middle school an apology, it turns out Bayside High is a real place, and Jimmy Fallon was a student there. For no other reason other than because he can, Fallon hosted an ad hoc class reunion of the gang from Saved by the Bell on NBC‘s The Tonight Show. I believe this has been a proverbial bee in Fallon’s bonnet for a while, dating back to his days hosting Late Night. So now, either because the stars alligned or because nobody could think of a good enough excuse to get out it, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley all joined Jimmy for a little reminiscing about the good old days at Bayside. (more…)


If you’d told me back in 1986 that James Spader and Robert Downey Jr. would be boss characters in a SECOND ‘Avengers’ movie, I’d have had to toss cherry Slurpees on your head from the mall balcony. There’s just no way you can predict things things. As perfect as Spader is for the role of Ultron in the new ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ blockbuster extravaganza (calling it already), I still see him as that douchebag Steff from ‘Pretty In Pink.’ Screw Robert California, Alan Shore and ‘The Blacklist.’ That dude is Steff! And Steff was on ‘The Tonight Show’ the other night talking to Fallon about Comic Con. And according to him, director Joss Whedon’s version of Ultron is like one of those giants from ‘Clash Of Clans.’


They say that the laughter of a child is the world’s greatest sound so Jeremy and Jason finally sent out an invite to perpetual bratty teenager AJ Wiley and his legal guardian/handler/pimp Paul Smith from the Gobbledygeek Podcast and they suspiciously accepted. Come for the dinosaur donkey punch, stay for the inhumane sleep deprivation and madness cackles because we recorded for 7 hours till the crack of dawn and this is the best 75 minutes of it. On the show we… (more…)


Any follower of the late night talk show scene knows it’s full of just as much plotting, drama, and backstabbing as the quest to rule the Seven Kingdoms and sit the Iron Throne. Which makes this Late Night with Jimmy Fallon parody not only pitch perfect for its excellent Game of Thrones references and puns, but also for its depiction of how one truly becomes a late night host.

Easily, my favorite part is The Roots serving their watch on The Hall. They’d make great men of the Night’s Watch. And how about those two surprise guests at the end? It’s going get interesting, that’s for sure.

Game of Thrones will return next Sunday, June 2nd. Until then, subscribe to Fallon’s YouTube channel for more Game of Desks!

Panthro is One Cool Cat!

Panthro made his singing debut on Jimmy  Fallon’s show last night. I haven’t been this excited about something ThunderCats in a long time. I want MORE! If your not watching Jimmy Fallon then you are really missing some creative and intelligent television. Get with the program you NerdBastards and watch the show!

Skipping the obligatory “SNL is rarely ever funny anymore”, one of the most consistent chuckle worthy sketches is TV Funhouse’s “The Ambiguously Gay Duo”.  The classic animated sketch of two crime fighting heroes whom are completely unaware of their constant homosexual innuendos.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the ambiguous adventures of heroes Gary and Ace (almost 4 years) but last night the duo made a triumphant return to the late night sketch comedy show. The phrase “a pleasant surprise” would be an understatement. Just when it looked looked as though fans would be treated simply to a new episode featuring the beloved “TV Funhouse” characters, something far cooler was in store. It went live-action.

Thanks to an out-of-control “flesh ray,” the cartoon duo are embodied by Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm. The villains are transmogrified into the real world shortly thereafter, being played Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helm and Fred Armisen.

The sketch more than speaks for itself. I have nothing more to say other than thank you Saturday Night Live, for this nostalgic treat of homoerotic double entendre.

Dragon Age: Redemption Trailer


(article by nerdbastards contributor Sarah Moran @SarahThisIs)

Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Felicia Day premiered the first trailer for the eagerly anticipated Dragon Age: Redemption. I reported on the new web series earlier this week but if you missed out let’s quickly review. Dragon Age: Redemption is an official web series produced with BioWare as a tie in to the sequel Dragon Age II releasing March 8th. Day wrote the story for the six episode series and stars as Elven assassin, Tallis. The series is set to release later this year and from the looks of the trailer they accomplished a lot on their tiny, web series budget.

Watch the trailer here and please, try not to drool too much. Your boss would appreciate it if you not ruin your keyboard just because Felicia Day is one sexy elf.

So, what do you nerdy bastards think? Now that you’ve toweled yourselves off, that is.


Last week, we got the announcement of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Drake’s Deception and then this past Saturday, we got the debut trailer during Spike’s VGA. What we learned during the VGA is that the game has a release date of November 1, 2011 and if you’re gamer like me, then the date can’t come anytime sooner as it’ll be a long wait.

Well, one person didn’t have to wait as Jimmy Fallon (which will probably give some of you more reasons to hate the man) got to play the game for a bit as last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was the show that featured the first game play footage for the upcoming game. We got to see Drake and Sully trying to break their way out of a burning chateau and take on some enemies along the way.

While it may not be much, we did get a small taste that’s making me want some more and it leaves me to wonder, could it be possible that we may get some co-op action with the second player able to play as Sully? We still got a year till the game comes out and as the news come pumping out for the game, you bet this Sony fanboy will report on it.

Source: Destructoid