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Every new incarnation of DC Comics’ The Joker puts the internet into a tizzy. Love it or hate it, each iteration of the classic Batman villain delves deeper into the character’s psyche and stretches the possibilities of what the character means to the caped crusader. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie announcement is no different. Outcries of support and disagreement are littering the social media highways with equal fervor. More level heads sit back and take a ‘wait and see’ approach before casting out their opinions. With the release of the first test footage of Phoenix’s Joker, the internet has some strong opinions. As we take a look at the newest interpretation of Gotham City’s clown prince of crime, we also look back on some of the most extreme and versions of The Joker that most deviated from the source material – whether fans liked it or not.



Marvel‘s been looking for a Master of the Mystic Arts, a Sorcerer Supreme for months. It looked like Joaquin Phoenix had the inside track on the Doctor Strange role until talks broke down, most likely over the number of additional movie appearances that Marvel contracts are famous for. Once Phoenix was out the hunt resumed and a number of names have been bandied about the Internet. Now word is working its way around the Internet Water cooler that Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch is in serious talks to take on the role. (more…)

Does Ewan McGregor Have The Force To Be A Mystic?


With all the hub-bub today about Robert Downey, Jr. appearing in Captain America 3 and whether it will lead to a superhero civil war in Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe, some of you might have forgotten that we still haven’t had any sort of confirmation on who our Doctor will be! No, not that Doctor. For my money, the only Doctor whose casting counts (and I welcome your hate mail) is Doctor Stephen Strange, Master of the Mystics Arts. But with Walk the Line and The Master’s Joaquin Phoenix officially out of the running for the supernatural superhero, who will Marvel Studios turn its all-seeing amulet toward? Rumor has it that an actor who has some experience playing a wise mystic just might be the one pegged to play Marvel’s defender of reality’s various planes of existence. (more…)


Hollywood is always in a state of flux and nothing is guaranteed until the contract ink dries. (Some times not even then) So when word swept the Internet that Joaquin Phoenix was in the late stage of talks to take on Marvel‘s Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, many of us thought that he’d be a great casting choice, but now Marvel’s going to have to scratch Phoenix’s name of their Doctor Strange list. (more…)


Who is stranger? Ethan Hawke or Joaquin Phoenix? This may be the choice now before Marvel Studios and comic book fans as a new name has appeared in the race to play the next, great Marvel superhero: Doctor Strange. It was barely a month ago that is seemed like Phoenix had the whole thing sewn up, but today we have rumors that the Boyhood star has cut in and become such a sensation with the studio that he’s all but assured to take on the part of the Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts. So is Phoenix really now off the casting sheet? Is Hawke now the one to beat, and how much does past experience with facial hair play into the casting decision? (more…)


With several release dates between now and 2020 reserved, but actually not very much announced in terms of titles to those films being released, Marvel Studios has now pencilled in a name for the July 8, 2016 release date, a movie that’s been long in the works but was directly hinted at in this past spring’s hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That’s right, tie on your Cloak of Levitation, and shine up your Eye of Agamotto because the Sorcerer Supreme is coming to a theater near you in the Summer of ’16. The time has come for Doctor Stange! (more…)


You came back! This time on RadioBastard things get a bit weird, Jeremy and Jason face-off against AJ and Paul (aka Apple Jax and Saul) from the Gobbledygeek Podcast in a test of wits and endurance as they all banter about the prospect of joylessness in the DC Movie Universe, Jimmy Olsen’s legs, the latest Doctor Strange rumors, a Hunger Games theme park and more!
This time on the show: (more…)

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So many rumors. So… many… rumors. With Marvel’s Doctor Strange being one of the next big productions on the list (and a possible franchise replacement for the popular Iron Man), speculation on who will play the epic, magic-wielding Doctor has been rampant. Now, it seems as if some of those casting rumors were more than just rumors, for the Internet is claiming that none-other-than the three time Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix is in final talks to don the garb of Stephen Strange. (more…)


This is hardly the first time the name of Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix (Her, Walk The Line, Gladiator, SpaceCamp…yes, he was the kid in SpaceCamp) has been whispered in conjunction with a comic book film:

Just prior to San Diego Comic-Con 2010, the rumor mill had Phoenix replacing Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in The Avengers–a role that eventually went to Mark Ruffalo. More recently, there was talk that Warner Bros. was eyeing him for the role of Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but decided to go with Jesse Eisenberg instead.

Today we have an exclusive from The Wrap suggesting that Phoenix’s people are currently in talks regarding the lead role in Doctor Strange–according to “multiple individuals close to the casting”, for whatever that’s worth. Follow me after the jump for more info, and the laundry list of other prospective “Doctors Strange”: (more…)


Here we go again, another day, another Batman Vs Superman casting rumor. This one is interesting though. Sources are saying that Warner Bros has approached Academy Award-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix to play the part of the main villain in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. The notoriously unpredictable actor is the latest in a long line of names mentioned as potential unknown bad guy in the movie, but he is apparently the frontrunner. So what are they waiting for?  (more…)