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It looks like Hayley Atwell can reply on some familiar guidance behind the camera when she takes Peggy to the small screen in Agent Carter on ABC. It was announced today at the Marvel TV panel at San Diego Comic Con that amongst the directors lending their talent to the first season of the solo adventures of Steve Rogers’ Girl Friday are Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger) and Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). (more…)


So the fact that Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes place in the modern all but mitigates the possibility of any actors besides Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky/Winter Soldier) from returning. But not so says Stanley Tucci, who played super soldier serum creator Dr. Erskine in The First Avenger. He’s not referring to himself, of course, but another character from the film that Cap was very, very fond of.

While being interviewed by Collider about his role in the upcoming Bryan Singer film Jack the Giant Slayer, Tucci let slip that while he hasn’t been yet asked to cameo in the new Captain America film, his co-star Hayley Atwell, who played love interest Peggy Carter in the film, has.

“I’m really sad,” he said about not getting the nod before adding, “I know that Hayley is going back to do a flashback scene, but I have not been asked.”

Tucci counts himself as a fan of the romance between Cap and Peggy in the first film. “I really love that.  I really love the relationship between the two of them,” Tucci added, but how did he find out about Atwell’s re-appearance in the Marvel Universe? “I just had dinner with [her] last night, we’ve become good friends.”

As previously reported, Revenge actress Emily VanCamp will play the leading lady in The Winter Soldier, and rumor has it the character is none other than Sharon Carter, granddaughter of Peggy. So will Cap flashback upon meeting the new Agent Carter? Or maybe Atwell’s going to put on old age make-up, as revealed in the deleted scenes of The Avengers, we know that Peggy’s still alive in 2012.

But on a final note for this story, Tucci has nothing but love for the first Captain America film. “I loved making that movie,” he explained. “I had a great time. I really like Joe Johnston. I think he’s a wonderful director. I also love the look of the film, and the tone of the film, and the character was great. I was thrilled to be able to play that. I was so sad that I died because I wanted to come back and do another one. It was great to be offered this old, German scientist. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s great.’ I couldn’t tell if I was really flattered or insulted.  I don’t know.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in theaters April 4, 2014.

Zach Helm Penning ‘Jumanji’ Reboot

Nope. No one at Sony has yet said that maybe remaking a movie that holds up and is barely 18 years old is using up precious resources that could best be directed elsewhere. So in the spirit of “if it ain’t broke, fix it,” Heat Vision is reporting that the studio has signed writer Zach Helm to pen the new screenplay for the new Jumanji.

Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg (who also wrote the books Zathura and The Polar Express were based on), Jumanji is the story of a boy who gets sucked into a jungle-themed board game for decades only to be freed when two other kids move into his old house and pick up where he left off years later. The film made over $250 million worldwide at the box office, and was a major hit for eventual Captain America filmmaker Joe Johnston. It was also considered, at the time, to be the next great leap in the development of CG after Jurassic Park.

Helm’s previously writing experience includes screenplays for Stranger Than Fiction and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, two movies I happened to enjoy a lot, so hopefully he’ll be able to find a new way to break the story. It’s worth noting that the movie version and the original book version are very different, so maybe that’s easier said than done. Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Bill Teitler are producing.

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It’s time for another edition of “Good Idea, Bad Idea.” Bad Idea: making a movie based on a board game (*cough*Battleship*cough*). Good Idea? Remaking a movie based on a book about a fake board game. Just ask Columbia Pictures President Doug Belgrad.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Belgrad talked about some of the projects on the books at his studio, including a potential remake of its 1995 adventure hit Jumanji. The original film starred Robin Williams as a guy who grew up trapped inside the titular jungle adventure game, and co-starred Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce as the kids who free him and release all manner or creature and animal on their small New England town.

“We’re going to try and reimagine Jumanji and update it for the present,” said Belgrad. The original Jumanji was directed by Captain America filmmaker Joe Johnston.

In other franchise news, Belgrad says he’s pleased with the $615.5 million worldwide haul of Men in Black 3 and is now looking at what might come next for the MiBs. “We’re very pleased with the financial performance of Men in Black 3, and we believe it is an ongoing franchise. We’re going to do [another one], but we don’t have clarity yet on how it should be done.

And speaking of buddy cop movies, look for more 21 Jump Street in the not too distant future. “Yes, we plan to start shooting in the fall,” Belgrad explained. “There are very few actors — I’m going to quote Amy — who can do romance, action and comedy. We’re in business with two of them, Channing Tatum and Will Smith.”

So in other words, get ready for more sequels and reboots coming soon to a theater near you. Whether you like it or not.

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After playing their part to successfully relaunch the Planet of the Apes franchise with last year’s hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes, screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver are now coming aboard the perpetually caught in suspended animation Jurassic Park IV.

To me, this is good news. For if Jaffa and Silver can get a decent script through Fox’s horrible track record with its franchise pictures, it should be relatively simple working with Senor Steven Spielberg in getting a new Jurassic Park to theaters. This morning, Drew McWeeny on HitFix recounted a Jurassic Park IV draft by John Sayles and William Monahan that was about a soldier for hire leading a group of super-intelligent dinosaurs against Jurassic Park escapees, which would have been too awesome to be believed, but was sadly nixed by the studio.

Last year, Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich was recruited by Spielberg to pen a new draft, so presumably Jaffa and Silver will be taking a new stab at the story developed by Protosevich and Spielberg. Spielberg said last year that he hopes to get a new Jurassic Park going in the next two or three years, and director Joe Johnston, director of Jurassic Park III and last year’s hit Captain America, has said he’d like to get behind the camera on the project.

Sounds like progress, but how many times have we gotten new screenwriters on this thing since 2001? Time will tell if the production moves forward or not.

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Rarely will one go as far as to publicly bury the movies their studio was responsible for making, but Universal‘s Ron Meyer decided to bring out the shovel and start digging…. deep.

While speaking to a crowd at the Savannah Film Festival, Meyer pulled no punches describing just how he really feels. Let’s just say you won’t be seeing the words “Fantastic”, “wonderful” or “Oscar worthy” anywhere in the following.

Meyer said “We make a lot of s***ty movies…Every one of them breaks my heart.”

If Ron has anyone to blame he could blame himself, as an executive he does have say in how a film can be constructed right up to the final development stages. At any point he could have pulled the plug on anything, but instead he just wants to bitch and boy does he ever.

On Jon Favreau’s sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens, starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford:

Cowboys & Aliens wasn’t good enough. … Forget all the smart people involved in it, it wasn’t good enough. All those little creatures bouncing around were crappy. I think it was a mediocre movie, and we all did a mediocre job with it … I have to take first responsibility because I’m part of it, but we all did a mediocre job and we paid the price for it. It happens. They’re talented people. Certainly you couldn’t have more talented people involved in Cowboys & Aliens, but it took, you know, ten smart and talented people to come up with a mediocre movie. It just happens.”

On the comedy time and space traveling comedy Land of the Lost, starring Will Ferrell:

Land of the Lost was just crap. … I mean, there was no excuse for it. The best intentions all went wrong … Cowboys & Aliens didn’t deserve better. Land of the Lost didn’t deserve better. Scott Pilgrim did deserve better, but it just didn’t capture enough of the imaginations of people.”

I give Ron credit for the Land of the Lost slam, since it really did suck something ferice, and the defense of Edgar Wright‘s Scott Pilgrim. Ron however, saved the worst of his venom for the Joe Johnston (Captain America) directed The Wolfman, starring Anthony Hopkins and Benecio Del Toro:

“One of the worst movies we ever made was Wolfman. … It’s one of those movies, the moment I saw it I thought, ‘What have we all done here?’ That movie was crappy. [The cast] was awful. The director was wrong. Benicio stunk. It all stunk.”

The cost of security alone is already going to cost him big, but after hearing such kind words spoken about their movies it will be some kind of miracle if Ron stays in Universal for much longer.

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The final poster for Captain America. Isn't it so...American?

Paramount Pictures has released eight new TV spots for Marvels Captain America: The First Avengers, which premiers this week (“Fuck..YEA!”). For the purpose of keeping myself unsullied (I wanna keep myself an American virgin. Oh..fuck, you know what I mean.), I have refused to watch them. However, I can most certainly tell you there’s explosions, Tommy Lee Jones cratered face, some shield Frisbee throwing and some other shit. Enjoy.



He’s deadly, calculating and Joe Johnston wants him to have his own movie.

During a recent interview, Joe revealed that he’s actually trying to get his mentor and former boss George Lucas to make a film that focuses on the villainous Star Wars character! Just think of that for a second, an entire movie about the intergalactic bounty hunter. Two hours of explosions and jet packs… FUCK YES!

Here’s Johnson’s comment on the matter,

“I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett.” When asked if he would direct the film Johnston said simply, “I would like to, it would be a lot of fun.”

As for whether or not it’ll actually happen? In all honestly, I doubt it ever will. *sad face*

How do you feel about a Boba Fett Movie?

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Wolfman Reboot Gets New Title and New Director

Most everyone knows this, but if you’re a cultural clunk then take note that 2010’s The Wolfman sucked hairy ass (no pun intended). A glossy, good-looking production that never fully delivered on its promise of resurrecting one of the great movie monsters for a modern audience. Which is why tt’s being taken out back and shot with a silver bullet, as it’s been revealed that the remake will be getting the reboot treatment. Yea, you heard the right. A reboot of a remake. Hollywood hootenanny at it’s finest.

The reworked script for Universal, written by Michael Tabb, has become a stand-alone feature simply titled Werewolf. Originally leaked by Moviehole this new movie will be closer to the original 1941 George Waggner film rather than the Joe Johnston directed slip-up . And just pray-tell will be directing this horror of horrors? Universal has stamped it’s approval on Louis Morneau. Who?

If the name Morneau doesn’t ring a bell thats because his previous credits include Joy Ride 2 : Dead Ahead, The Hitcher II : I’ve Been Waiting, Bats and Retroactive. Suffice to say, Universal is taking a big risk on this one. I’m certainly not getting my hopes up. You’ll find me frequently checking the $5.99 bin at Walmart.

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Pixar Style Fan-Film of The Rocketeer

Memba The Rocketeer? That 90’s flick about a 1930’s stunt pilot who comes across a jet-pack, dons a Doctor Fate helmet and flies around fighting crime? Sure, it wasn’t the best movie ever conceived by Disney, but for it’s time, it was one of the better comic-book adaptations. Patriotic, all-American fun. Plus it starred John Locke as Howard Hughes. Oh, speaking of Americana, let’s not forget that Rocketeer director Joe Johnston has another helmeted, American hero hitting the silverscreen this year. Yeppers, he’s the one helming Captain America: The First Avenger!

Anyway, that’s beside the point. What we have hear is a charming short-animation, done Ala Pixar style. It was made by animator John Banana as a homage to Dave Stevens’ jetpack-wielding hero.

What can I say, it’s really cute and really cool, both in design and animation. Enjoyable too, with nice touches of character humor. Would definitely not mind if something like this were to inspire a tv series of some kind *wink to Pixar*.

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

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