John Carpenter

It took forty years, countless sequels, a reboot, and a sequel to that reboot, but fans of John Carpenter’s seasonal horror classic, Halloween, finally have a sequel worthy of the 1978 original that launched the slasher sub-genre. With his dirty mechanic’s overalls, frozen William Shatner death mask, and a toupee to match, Michael Myers and his knife embodied the boogeyman for generations of horror fans, but each sequel – not counting the in-name-only-sequel, Halloween III: Season of the Witch –tarnished and diminished the legacy of Carpenter’s one-of-a-kind original. But where there’s Jason Blum and his horror factory, Blumhouse Productions, there’s a way and the way pointed to an unlikely collaboration between indie auteur David Gordon Green (Stronger, Our Brand is Crisis, Joe, Prince Avalanche, George Washington), writer-comedian Danny McBride (Vice Principals, Eastbound & Down), and onetime “scream queen” Jamie Lee Curtis. The result will go down as a horror classic or near classic in its own right, the perfect, 40-years-in-the-making bookend to Carpenter’s film. (more…)

Nothing gnaws on the heel of 80’s action nostalgia quite like Bob – Yes, his first name was Bob – Snake Plissken; the eyepatch-sporting tough guy from the films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. Neither good or bad, he’s just an asshole who doesn’t give a f**k about your war, your president… or Hollywood reboots.

Escape From New York is the latest of 80s national treasures getting the reboot treatment. While that is a hard pill to swallow for some, there is some sugar to help the medicine go down. A very pleasing directing has just been attached to direct. (more…)

This week started with news that Paramount was pulling its latest Friday the 13th movie from the schedule, and it now ends with the reveal that the Halloween reboot is going forward. Last year, it was announced that rights holder Miramax was teaming up with new House of Horror Blumhouse to reboot the vaunted slasher franchise, and it was coming with the approval and involvement of the man that started it all: John Carpenter. So now Miramax, Blumhouse and Carpenter have come to a decision, and they all agree, the best people to bring us the new phase of Halloween are the guys behind Pineapple Express. (more…)


Hollywood beefs start over the smallest things. To wit, you’ll recall that in 2007, Rob Zombie made a remake of Halloween, and in a documentary about the effort Zombie said that original Halloween director John Carpenter was “cold” to his efforts to honour the ballad of Michael Myers, disgruntled babysitter killer. Carpenter didn’t like that, and in a Q&A earlier this week the legendary filmmaker said he had nothing but support for Zombie as he remade his legacy (and some would say butcher it). But just as quickly as this flared up, the feud now seems to be over. Carpenter has called it, and he says he and Zombie have “buried the hatchet.” And not in each other. (more…)

BTiLC / EfNY Comic

Just because Big Trouble in Little China is getting a remake, doesn’t mean there isn’t any love for the original. BOOM! Studios, currently known for handling the excellent comic adaptation of Adventure Time as well as the current Power Rangers comic series, has been on the radar of your average comic-geek for a little while now for both aforementioned series, and it seems like they’re ready to make another splash in a big, John Carpenter-esque kind of way with the newest series they announced on July 11th.


John Carpenter is a name and a man who is quite synonymous with the horror genre. He’s directed some of the the finest films in horror such as Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing. So whenever the man speaks up about anything regarding the genre, people tend to perk up and listen. When asked about his opinion regarding one of televisions biggest, horror hits, The Walking Dead, he basically referred to the show as a rip-off, and one that has been milked for a long time.



If you didn’t think much of Rob Zombie’s two Halloween reboots, which focused on why Michael Myers’ white trash family turned him into a babysitter killing psycho and literally being born under a bad moon (apparently), then take heart because the man that started the whole things is coming back. Halloween wasn’t just a very popular horror movie in its own right, but it was seminal and inspirational, kicking off a whole series of slasher films that borrowed the tropes and tricks that it established. So for the 11th film to carry the Halloween name, the production looks to be bringing back John Carpenter, the man who co-wrote, directed and scored the original film back in 1978. (more…)


When you’ve heard the name “John Carpenter” in the last several years, it’s been far more likely it’s in regard to someone remaking one of his movies, than about Carpenter making something of his own. Several of Carpenter’s titles – Halloween, The Thing, Escape from New York, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13, They Live – have either been remade, or they are presently optioned with the intention of being remade. Well, you can add Starman to that list now. The good news is that a major Hollywood director has his eyes on the property; the bad news is that the filmmaker to whom those eyes belong to is Shawn Levy. (more…)


So you’re Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You already have a reputation as being one of the most dependable leading men in fickle Hollywood, and you’ve also developed something of a reputation as a “franchise fixer.” With over $50 million in three days at the box office with his latest hit San Andreas, and all those millions with the Johnson-infused Furious 7, 2015 is shaping up to be the Year of the Rock. With clout like that, you can write your own ticket, but the question is for what? Might Johnson push to finally make that Shazam! movie happen? Possibly, but try this on for size: a Big Trouble in Little China remake. Yup, someone’s looking to make it happen, and Johnson is looking to be the star. (more…)


While there were a lot of rumors floating around last year about a complete reboot and franchise building trilogy of Snake Plisskin films, that was all just smoke and mirrors. The movie rights were still up in the air and it wasn’t until recently that a clear front-runner emerged. Now the smoke has cleared and the rights to Escape From New York have been scooped up by FOX, but what do they plan to do with them? (more…)