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Batman v Superman 1990s Trailer

Now before you start desperately trying to invent transdimensional travel to find which wonderful alternate timeline lucked out with a mid-90’s Batman v Superman staring John Cusack and Bruce Willis, it turns out the following trailer is actually the masterwork of YouTuber Frank Ireland (under the name ChiefBrodyRules.)

Ireland really did an amazing job of this, extra points too for casting Denzel Washington as Commissioner Gordon. Check it out!



Benaroya Pictures adaptation of Stephen King‘s Cell has sold its American rights to Clarius Entertainment. The picture brings John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson back together again for their second King movie since 1408 hit theaters in 2007. 1408 did quite well at the box office, bringing back five times the $25 million dollar budget. Will Cell do as well? (more…)

For those that don’t already know, Stephen King, renowned horror book author extraordinaire, wrote a zombie story by the name of Cell.  It was going to be made into a movie, with Eli Roth in charge of the production, but like many things in Hollywood it got lost in the cracks and faded away.  With the continued surge in zombie-hype there’s just no way that such a potential bundle of cash could go unloved for too long, right?

Recent reports say that John Cusack is now attached to the production in a lead role, meaning that someone somewhere is trying to get this done.  There are no other indicators of who might be taking over in a production or directing capacity, however, so it’s still early in the gestational filmmaking process.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Cell, it basically revolves around a zombie apocalypse that occurs when some unknown force turns everyone who happens to be on their cell phones at the time into mindless beasts.  It follows the journey of a father out looking for his wife and son in the middle of all the shit that’s going down.

Well, I’m up for another zombie flick, how about ya’ll?


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

2012: The How It Should Have Ended Version


Are ya one of those folks who believe the Mayan calendar theory that the end of the world is upon us in two years that you went out to watch 2012 in preparation for the “catastrophe” that some “legends” say it’ll happen (Yes folks, there are some people who will use this as one of their reference to survive). Well, the fine folks at How It Should Have Ended has released a new vid with how they believe the movie, and possibly, what may happen to others when the disaster does happen. Look, the movie was pretty much a roller coaster ride where you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the story and just be in awe at the destruction. The video is after the jump and hope ya’ll enjoy it. (more…)

New To Nerdbastards: DVD Tuesday


Here at Nerdbastards, we wanted to show some love for all the movie buffs. So new to nerdbastards, every tuesday we will do DVD tuesday. This is where we will take all major movies, and some non-major worth mentioning, that are coming to DVD and rate them for you. It will be on a 3 part grade system. Buy it, Rent it, pass it. We will bring you the synopsis of the story, and the special features on the disc. So read after the break for this weeks movies.



There have been many times in my life where I have been forced to make a decision.  That decision is of course weather or not go see a movie.  Back in the old days when tickets didn’t break the bank it was easy to throw a little money in the trash if you ended up suffering through a stinker of a movie. Now, with ticket and concession prices set to almost cruel proportions it’s no wonder people pirate movies on the internet.  Now Hollywood has given us 2012. This is a movie that is so unbelievably bad, that it is not even worth your bandwith to download it for free. I kid you not, If I could actually afford the popcorn at the concession stand I would’ve thrown it at the fucking screen! Oh yeah, right, this is a review not a rant.  Let me tell you why this movie is complete garbage…