John Favreau


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown to become a global phenomenon and one of the greatest franchises in the history of cinema.  Nowadays, it’s almost expected that whatever film Marvel is producing under their Marvel Studios banner will become a certified hit.  But this was not always the case.  There was a time (pre-2008) where anything Marvel related could be seen as a gamble.  That all changed in a movie called Iron Man.  Iron Man was the initial movie for this universe-building film and it needed to be perfect.  The film needed to have the perfect lead (Robert Downey Jr.), and more importantly, it needed the perfect director to helm this risky film.  The director Kevin Feige chose was Jon Favreau.  At that time, Favreau was an accomplished actor but did not have an extensive directing resume.  Favreau also wanted a risky actor to play Tony Stark, which was not a popular choice at the time.  Needless to say, the gamble of both Favreau and Downey Jr. paid off, and the film exceeded all expectations and helped drive the Marvel machine to soaring numbers, more than $500 million worldwide box office.  Favreau proceeded to direct for Iron Man 2 and executive produced many films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as many other film and television projects.  Recently Favreau directed and produced The Jungle Book which is also exceeding numbers after its first weekend at the box office.  With the success of Jungle Book (and its inevitable sequel already greenlight), many speculated if he would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or would he continue other projects on his own.


I try not to get excited by new TV shows put out by the major networks. Sure they may sound or look good at first but if they live up to the hype, they are usually unceremoniously canceled.  When I first heard about J.J. Abrams teaming up with John Favreau to do a post-apocalyptic drama for NBC I was intrigued but skeptical.

I just watched the  the trailer. I am excited for it now. Even with it’s Teenagey Twilight boy meets spunky Hunger Games bow toting girl story. It’s set fifteen years after some sort of global ‘red ring of death’ event renders all electronics inert, sending the survivors of this global event back to the dark ages, literally, see since there are no more lights… and… uh,


Warlords roaming on horseback and shooting guns and walking past landmarks over grown with vegetation. Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad plays a bad guy. What more do you need?

Check out the trailer after the jump, then we’ll get a jump on the letter writing campaign to keep it alive when NBC decides to cancel it in six months.