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With Star Trek Into Darkness having already released over seas there’s not only plenty of buzz surrounding J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel, but spoilers and leaked footage abound. This is a little of all three. The consensus among those who’ve already seen Into Darkness is Benedict Cumberbatch‘s He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Correctly-Named villain is a triumph. And I don’t doubt it, the man’s clearly made some kind of deal with the devil for his exquisite acting talent.

Warning, as if it weren’t already obvious, but this scene is one not released as a promotion clip so it definitely contains SPOILERS. Also, caution, auto-play.



Does it feel as if there’s been an explosion of Star Trek Into Darkness promotional material? It was quiet for so long with only a teaser or maybe an international trailer, and now, BOOM! There’s clips, viral videos, featurettes; you name it there’s one promoting Into Darkness. Today’s latest is another of the “Disruption” viral videos from John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) in where he examines communications officer, Lt. Uhura (Zoe Saldana). And more importantly, the video provides our very first look at the new design of the Klingons,

Did you catch it? If not, hit the jump for a screencap providing a better, clearer look at the unmasked Klingon,



Before the credits finished rolling at the midnight screening of 2009’s Star Trek there was already chatter about who’d be the villain in the sequel, and invariably, Khan’s name would come up. Since then, Star Trek Into Darkness has been plagued by the ‘Is he? Or isn’t he?’ question. When Benicio del Toro was rumored to be the villain the internet cried, “Yes, it’s Khan!” But once del Toro was out and the most English of Englishmen was in, it couldn’t possibly be Khan, could it?

With the very first international screenings of Into Darkness wrapping and those early reviews coming in, the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain is about to get out. Is he simply John Harrison, terrorist and scourge of the Federation, or something more?

What you’ll find below the cut isn’t exactly confirmation. We can’t make that claim until we’ve seen the movie ourselves, something we can’t do until May 15th when the film releases early in IMAX 3D, but an early review from Furious Fanboys reveals all. I don’t believe they’d lie, unless they’re in a competition to be crowned the trolliest of internet trolls, – which isn’t entirely out of the question, have you met the internet? – so I’m thinking their claim is legit.

Okay, tired of me filling time and space and just want to know? Hit the jump.



From the get go we’ve all been speculating Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, so when his character was introduced as John Harrison of course we figured it was a ruse. And this latest rumor dug up by may just confirm that. It’s all speculation and spoilers below, so don’t continue if you don’t want to hear any more. And if you do continue below, take what you read with a grain of salt.



Earlier today we shared some of the new images from Star Trek Into Darkness found in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Little did we know that wasn’t where the story ended. Comic Book Movie has picked up on some interesting phrasing on EW’s back issue page that may just spoil the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain.

Here I issue the requisite SPOILER WARNING!


Or at least, it’s the latest theory about who Benedict Cumberbatch is really playing. Ever since the film’s announcement all anyone can talk about is who would be the villain. Would it be Khan? Another new character? Maybe some other villain from Star Trek‘s past? With the reveal Cumberbatch is playing a former Starfleet member, John Harrison, the theories continue to fly. Is that his real name? Could Harrison either be Khan or an associate of his?

This latest one comes from the pages of IDW‘s upcoming prequel comic, Countdown to Darkness, releasing tomorrow. Bleeding Cool has the scoop and it begins with Bob Orci‘s comments months ago that the villain of Star Trek Into Darkness would be a character from Star Trek‘s history. He also happens to be co-writing this tie-in comic.

We’ll delve into this theory below the cut as it spoils the ending of Countdown to Darkness‘ first issue.


Man, is Empire magazine simply ripe with goodies lately, or what? I mean, it’s always been a stellar movie magazine, but recently they’ve been featuring tons of great stuff to nerd over. With the latest issue being all Star Trek Into Darkness we’ve got 11 high resolution images to share as well as some quotes from franchise newcomers Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve.

In their interview the two touch on a variety of topics from auditioning to working with their fellow cast members and, of course, the pressure surrounding being a part of Star Trek. I pulled a few quotes, which you can find below the cut, but I do suggest checking out their whole interview.


You really need to watch Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Benedict Cumberbatch (John Harrison) do the two step around the details of J.J.AbramsStar Trek sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. The threat of “Abrams’ Jail” must really carry some hefty fines for spilling the beans.
The three recently sat down with MTV News, and talked about, well they talked AROUND, the movie. If you’re hoping for a big reveal of who the hell John Harrison is then you are gonna have to settle for a for more tidbits here and there. First up is Cumberbatch:

“He’s a terrorist; he operates as a terrorist. He has extraordinary physical powers, but also mental powers. He can sow an idea, which is as powerful as gunshots or close-hand combat, which he’s masterful in. He tears into the fabric of both the world and the Enterprise family, and he leaves behind him a trail of devastation. It’s quite exciting to watch.”

“Giving away the full motivation would ruin it, but it’s personal. It’s also political, I think. He’s somebody who, at some point in the film, you should feel a certain amount of empathy towards his cause, if not his means. … There’s no two-dimensional obstacle he presents purely and simply by the fact that he’s opposing our hero. He has an interesting relationship with Kirk, and with Spock in a way. He very much plays them off against each other. There’s an element of shadow to him and Kirk.”

Next we have Pine and Qunitino:
“There’s reason to worry, let’s say that much. The enemy that we face in this movie played by Benedict Cumberbatch is entirely different than enemies that we’ve seen this crew face in the past. There is an insidiousness, a ruthlessness and a fierce intelligence about his character that almost infiltrates and undermines the connectivity of the crew. There’s a lot more at risk, so.. who knows.”

The last video gives us a look at into the Carol Marcus character that Alice Eve is playing. Unfortunately, Eve wasn’t there to speak, but we do get to hear Pine and Qunito’s take on the character and her place in Star Trek Into Darkness.

“What I will say about the film is that so much happens, with the action, the plot, the current of it is so fast, there’s really not much time for Kirk to do anything other than save the crew and save his own ass, because danger is imminent, and all that. But clearly, Kirk being Kirk, Kirk loves a blonde, and Alice is a beautiful woman, so the flirting and the connection is there. I’ll leave it to the people who watch to see how far it goes. But what she adds to it … she, her scientific knowledge and her education, scientifically speaking, plays a big part in helping solve the crisis.”
What did you think? Did anyone spot any tiny morsel of new info that might shed light on Cumberbatch’s character Harrison? Let us know in the comments section below.

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It’s been a busy week for Star Trek fans with revelations, or fake-outs depending on how you look it at. And because teaser trailers, random tweets and publicity photos aren’t enough, the director himself, J.J. Abrams, is wading into the debate, and that debate is about just who the heck Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in Star Trek Into Darkness. So who’s he playing? Khan? Gary Mitchell? “John Harrison”? Throw us a bone, J.J.!

Here’s the bone J.J. threw to MTV:

Rather than answer anything that would give away anything fun from the movie… the character that Benedict plays… he brings such an incredible power. His voice alone is unbelievable. He brings a force to it that when I think you see the movie hopefully this character, all speculation aside, will be really compelling. Not because of any connection to anything past, but because of who he is and what he brings to it.

Not just his backstory, but his agenda, his plan, his secret… all of that is what I think makes him such a frightening and cool villain. But also, you know, a real villain that are not just two dimensional angry vengeful types don’t see themselves as the bad guy. They are the good guy, they’ve got complete rational and motivation. So I think true to form, the character Benedict plays has an absolute sense of right and wrong, and he’s certainly on the right side.

“His secret…” So there is a secret about Cumberbatch, like his real identity.

Ugh. Actually, I’m sick of this guessing game. Wake me up when May 17 gets here.

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