John Hurt

With a career spanning six decades and over 200 different roles on big and small screens, the loss of John Hurt cannot be understated. Still hard at work at the age of 77, even while suffering from the ravages of stomach cancer, Hurt was one of the most recognizable and reliable character actors of our time, and his presence and persistence will be sorely missed in the years to come. But before saying a final goodnight to the tremendous talents of John Hurt, let’s take a minute to remember all he was to the nerdy among us, and recall his Top 10 Nerdiest roles in the movies and on TV. (more…)

Hopefully, 2017 doesn’t keep last years trend, but it’s already off to a bad start. We have already lost such greats as Mary Tyler Moore, Miguel Ferrer, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka among others. Unfortunately, another legend of stage, voice, film, and television has passed away. Legendary actor John Hurt passed away today. Hurt had previously been diagnosed with early-stage pancreatic cancer in 2015. The cancer was believed to be in remission, however, it appears that Hurt has passed away shortly after his 77th birthday.



For Hellboy fans this will be a sad case of life imitating art. As you’ll recall, when we first meet Professor Broom, as played by John Hurt, in the present day, he’s given a cancer diagnosis. In that fictional instance, the diagnosis was terminal, but now the real-life actor Hurt has himself been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although he’s enjoyed a career on stage and screen spanning nearly six decades, Hurt is widely known for the various nerdy projects he’s been attached to, from Alien to next summer’s Tarzan adaptation. Still busy at the age of 75, Hurt’s message to fans is that he will remain active with his acting work even as he fights his cancer diagnosis. (more…)


Like a lot of Canadian kids, my first encounter with Hercules was with Adventure Cartoon Productions animated series The Mighty Hercules, which Global ran ad nauseam Saturday mornings well into my high school years. They were simple enough, with Hercules as basically the Ancient Greece Batman, beating up bad guys and taking them to prison on Mount Olympus, which, as it turned out, was as pitifully easy to break out of as Arkham Asylum.

Every couple of years or so, the myth of Hercules gets re-interpreted for a new audience, and in a new way. So far, there’s been two Hercules movies in 2014, the first one came out in January and starred some Twilight beefcake as the son of Zeus, but in the case of Brett Ratner’s Hercules it has the immediate ace in the hole of having Dwayne Johnson as the titular hero. Johnson’s charm and magnetism is a definite advantage to the film, and if the movie he was in was tighter it might actually equal the assets brought by its star. Ratner’s Hercules is a solid B-effort, but it had the potential to be an A. (more…)


After numerous delays and the threat of a Weinstein-supervised trim to appease fly-over state audiences in America, Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer is finally primed to be released into American theaters in its original cut. To hype the film up (and ride on the coattails of star Chris Evans’ recent mega-hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier), The Weinsteins have smartly released a new red-band trailer, highlighting some of the picture’s nastier moments.



By far, Snowpiercer is one of the more original movies coming our way this year – hopefully – which is why it’s a downright shame The Weinstein Company and director Bong Joon-ho can’t resolve their differences over the U.S. release. This is especially aggravating when you consider the film released in Bong’s home country, South Korea last fall and to plenty of other, non-English speaking countries after that. And even more so when we’re continuously teased with sweet trailers like this one, (more…)

the strain

If you didn’t know it already, you wouldn’t know that the below video is a teaser for The Strain, a new thriller series from Guillermo del Toro that’s premiering early next year on FX. But it is. The vampire virus series that went full circle from TV pitch to book to comic and back to TV, features an accomplished cast, a cool premise, and the name “Guillermo del Toro” in the credits, so it’s already appointment television for the nerdy set, so what can the teaser add? A very ominous tone for starters. (more…)


That was some Doctor Who anniversary special, huh? It’s hard to think that they could have done much better, but it could have been way worse. If you didn’t get the chance yet, read our recap/review courtesy of the Bastards’ resident Whospert Sarah Moran, and I think you’ll agree that despite whatever quibbles you have, “The Day of the Doctor” was very enjoyable indeed. But it did open up a can of proverbial continuity worms. For instance, how is the numbering of the various incarnations of The Doctor affected by the revelation of John Hurt‘s War Doctor? And what impact will there be going forward? Spoilers ahead, obviously. (more…)


Fifty years of Doctor Who came to an end yesterday. Fifty years of running from responsibility, from authority, from his past; The Doctor hasn’t stopped running since he stole that Type 40 TARDIS and took off. And now, beginning with these next 50 years, The Doctor finally knows where he’s running to: home.

Steven Moffat promised the 50th anniversary special would forever alter the course of Doctor Who, and for once, The Moff wasn’t lying. (more…)