John Krasinki


Once upon a time, America was secured by one man who, although he wasn’t a field agent, still did the U.S. of A. proud by protecting its interests at home and abroad. In the 21st century though, Jack Ryan just isn’t the big stuff he used to be. The last Jack Ryan movie, designed to reboot the movie series into a Bourne-again action franchise, was a disaster, barely scraping together $50 million at the domestic box office. Perhaps Jack Ryan just needs a change of venue to recharge, and that seems to be what Paramount Pictures is thinking by giving up the dream of an action movie franchise, and embrace the possibilities of streaming TV. (more…)


Director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman) recently revealed that he has until March 1st to choose the lead actor for the “First Avenger: Captain America” movie. He currently has a wishlist consisting of seven names, and thanks to THR, we now have that wishlist for you bastards to debate over. I wouldn’t take this short lists, as hollywood likes to call them, seriously. Yes, these actors have all tested and are obviously in studio and director sights but we could easily wind up someone else. The reason we wanted to post this list of potential Captain Americas is it gives us an idea of what the studio is looking at. If you look at some of the actors they have in mind you might start to question what their trying to achieve.

So who are they looking at? Check out the full list after the jump.