John Ostrander

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Suicide Squad marks the 3rd movie from the DC/Warner Bros cinematic universe that has caused much divide between critics and fans. Coming off the highly critically displeased reception of Batman V Superman, the so-called movie experts are tearing SS apart for its jarring plot, erratic editing, and vapid characters; including but not limited to: the misogynistic treatment of Harley Quinn (those  booty shorts kept getting shorter and shorter) and the racial stereotypes of El Diablo being a Mexican gang banger, and Killer Croc being a reptile skinned black guy who wants to watch BET (to watch white girls Twerk no less). Meanwhile, the fans, have been a little more forgiving. The DC loyalists relished in films boss soundtrack of classic rock anthems, its youthful edge style (If Hot Topic could be a movie, this would be it) and the badassery of break away characters like Viola Davis‘  unapologetically brutal Amander Waller, Margo Robbie’s barb-tongued spitfire Harley Quinn and Will Smith‘s “no time for bullshit” Deadshot. These are characters people want to see more of.

So what’s the deal? Why is there such a divide – why does a film like Suicide Squad get a 26% Rating from Critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 71%  Audience Score? Well, that’s what the Internet is for – to fight, bicker, and assert opinion over someone else’s fandom. Tell you what, though, John Ostrander, creator of the Suicide Squad comics, has a different theory. He thinks it’s because critics just “came prepared to hate”. (more…)


It shouldn’t come as surprise that a major issue I’ve had with Arrow are their piss poor villains. This season they’ve thankfully moved away from the terrible ‘villain of the week’ trope for more interesting and varied episodes, but often villains with potential are still wasted in forgettable, one-off appearances. Knowing that, I was a little worried about an episode centered are returning villains working as team, but honestly, I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed “Suicide Squad.” (more…)