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News broke a couple of days ago that John Scalzi‘s Hugo winning novel Redshirts was picked up by FX for a “limited” television series. This isn’t a case of, “If we can’t get a Star Trek or Galaxy Quest series on TV, Redshirts is a good stand-in.” Redshirts is a fantastic comedic look at the world of sci-fi television and deserves a place alongside those franchises. (more…)

Dragon Con

After years of attempts to buy out Dragon*Con founding member and accused child molester, Edward Kramer, the forces of good have prevailed and Dragon*Con is now officially separated from Kramer. The continued association, in where Kramer was still receiving funds from the convention even after having resigned from any and all convention operation in 2000, was brought into the spotlight earlier this year with a very public boycott from writers Nancy A. Collins and Stephen Bissette.

The buy out was made official today, with Kramer receiving cash for his shares and ownership of the convention transferring to the newly founded Dragon Con Inc., led by Pat Henry, David Cody and Robert Dennis. The full press release is available below the cut, but the details of the buy out have not been disclosed.

Henry, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dragon Con assures fans,

This decision only affects the ownership of the old Dragon Con. Our members and others who attend Dragon*Con 2013 will experience the same fantastic convention they have come to expect from us.

This deal also does not affect agreements with the hotels, guests, or performers. Meaning, Dragon*Con 2013 will continue as previously planned. Just now, completely, 100% child molester legal defense fee funding-free!

What took so long? We’ll never know. I imagine it’s simply our convoluted legal system at work. But it’s interesting to note Dragon*Con has made this decision only days behind author John Scalzi‘s announcement he’ll no longer attend conventions without clearly posted and enforced sexual harassment policies. Not that I’m claiming the two are related, but both present an interesting observation of conventions and what the public is coming to expect from the organizations that run them.

And I’ll add, Dragon*Con, with its rampant cosplay, better be working on a clearly defined sexual harassment policy, because as I scroll through their Convention Policies, I don’t see one. There is a rule about behaving, “like a jerk,” which I’m sure we’d all agree harassment falls under, but I’d like some more defined language, as would, I’m assuming, Scalzi.

Clearly defined rules allowing for these gatherings of nerdom to be safe and accepting atmospheres brought to us by individuals who haven’t been accused of harming others. I’m all about that, aren’t you?


“He’s dead Jim.”

Most of you will recognize at least one of the two names, John Scalzi and Jonathan Coulton. One is a fantastic Science Fiction writer / commentator and the other is a terrifically nerdy musician, put the two together then add a creative pinch of Star Trek fan Trekpropguy and you get the wonderful video below. It all started with Scalzi’s new book Redshirts. Scalzi then got Coulton involved.

Coulton explained on his blog site:

“A while ago John Scalzi, one of my favorite sci-fi authors (and a pal as well) asked if I would write a theme song for his new novel, Redshirts. I said yes, mostly so I could get a chance to read it. You can read about and listen to what happened next and listen to the song over at as of this morning. You can also check out the whole series of chats about other sci-fi-themed songs of mine that John and I did leading up to today. I’ll be putting Redshirt up in my store soon, and the band and I will be playing it on our June tour. Hooray!”

Then Trekpropguy heard the song and:

“This video was made in tribute to an awesome new song from Jonathan Coulton called “Redshirt” After the song stuck in my head for several days, I decided to make a video using clips from Star Trek to go with the music. I think I did pretty well. No copyright infringement was intended. All these clips were used from clips available on Youtube. Feel free to share, comment, embed, just don’t modify the video!”

Blend the three together and you get Musical Star Trek magic n a bottle. This NerdeBastard has been a long time fan of Scalzi’s writing and Coulton’s music. This merger of the two has made my day. I’m gonna watch it again once I get this dust out of my eyes . . .

There is a bonus video as well. You see, Scalzi has been learning to play the Ukelele. Who better to perform the first Internet Ukelele cover of “Redshirts” than the author of the book? He’s pretty damn good for an amateur.

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wil_zomgArtist Jeff Zugale has unleashed a pantsload of awesome into the world with this magical picture. In it, writer, actor, and nondick Wil Wheaton charges into battle atop his noble unicadragon to slay orc, fellow writer, and all-around cool guy, John Scalzi.

Even cooler, the two warriors are holding a fanfic contest in which you are to craft a story that explains the picture. And even cooler still, the contest will benefit victims of lupus. I know what I’m doing on my lunch break…

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