John Turturro

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Fans of the The Big Lebowski (which should include anyone with good taste) may remember a character by the name of ‘The Jesus’. He was a bowling rival to the titular character and just happened to be played by John Turturro. Now, if the rumors are correct, The Jesus may be making his way back to the big screen via a spin-off centered around his character. (more…)

By now you’ve probably heard some positive buzz for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Maybe even hearing comments like “Best of the series”. Well gosh darn, that’s like saying you’re the smartest kid with down syndrome. At the end of the day, you’re still retarded.  I apologize for the mentally challenged joke, but you can’t fix stupid and this addition into the robot fighting franchise is just as dumb. It’s riddled with all the problems of its predecessors, only slightly less. Instead of racist robots, bots with unfortunately placed bulbous balls, a push over villain, or being an overlong, numb experience; we get bots with Einstein hairdoos, a pout champion female lead, awkward moments of dialogue and more brand advertising than you can shake a stick at (GM cars and trucks, Mercedes SLS AMG, brand-name whiskey and brandy, Hermes bags, Cisco and Lenovo computers). But yes, if I must make the announcement, T:DOTM is a vast improvement from the last flick. “Dark of the Moon” manages to squeak out a semblance of a plot, the characters were entertaining (Yes, even The Beef was likable) and offers enough battle royal eye candy to lush over. GAWD! I can’t believe I just said that!