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Get a life! Was the message of last night’s The Flash. And according to this definition, getting a life entails going to a karaoke bar, getting tanked, singing from Grease, barfing in the parking lot and telling your platonic friend that’s okay to peak when using super-speed to change you into PJs because he’s a hero and deserves a peak. The heart was firmly on the sleeve in “Crazy for You,” which is fine because a) The Flash can do that, and b) the “Freak of the Week” was a B-team stringer not worthy to be labelled “rogue.” The lesson of the night was that the heart wants what it wants, even if you’re a girl with teleporting powers and what you want is some hipster jailbird that ditches you at the first sign of danger. (more…)


The Flash returns tonight (fiiiiiiiinally) on the CW, and while the new episode called “Return of the Rogues” refers specifically to Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), the rogue that really has fans curious is The Man in the Yellow Suit, AKA: Reverse-Flash. Who is he? Why did he – apparently – go back in time to kill Barry Allen’s mom and frame his dad for it? Both good questions, and ones that I think will be answered to some degree by the end of the first season. Every fan has their theory, but now The Flash himself, actor Grant Gustin, says to throw those theories out the window because even he was surprised by what’s coming with this season’s end. (more…)


Mark Hamill is a tough act to follow, especially when he’s in full-blown super-villain mode, but Devon Graye is going to give it a try. The actor, who’s probably best known for playing the teenage version of Michael C. Hall‘s titular serial killer on Showtime‘s Dexter, has been cast as one of two versions of The Trickster along with Hamill on an upcoming episode of The CW‘s The Flash. The Flash has been pretty sharp with some of its super-villain casting, primary among them is Wentworth Miller who plays Captain Cold, who will be plaguing the Fastest Man Alive (Grant Gustin) in the first episode of 2015 airing on Tuesday. But while the upcoming Trickster episode is more compelling for its Hamill appearance, casting Graye as Trickster: The Next Generation should definitely be of (secondary) interest. (more…)


The 1990’s ‘Flash’ was cool, but suffered from the same ailments that killed off lots of hero shows: no supervillains. By the time Mark Hamill’s Trickster showed up, the damage was done and the Flash made a quick exit. But if you were there like I was, you’re left with the memory of it all being fun while it lasted. Fast-forward to present day, and bask in the glory of our upcoming new Flash TV show. It looks spectacular. And casting original star John Wesley Shipp as a supporting player means that the makers of this thing really give a damn about fans like me. But it didn’t stop there. They sped back to the old school and roped in another former series alumni. And that’s going above and beyond the call. Can you guess who it is? (more…)


This past week during the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Geoff Johns, the executive producer of the new CW superhero series The Flash said that this series, following the weekly adventures of the Scarlet Speedster, would be the most faithful DC Comics-based TV show yet. Well, it wouldn’t be a faithful Flash series without his colorful rogues gallery, so the latest casting news from the show starts to fill out those ranks very early on the series. So who’s coming to take on The Flash? Let’s just say he’s about to put a freeze on Central City. He’s going to make the citizens chill out, and despite the best efforts of the police, they’re not going to put him in the cooler… Sorry. I’ve got a million of these.  (more…)

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A 5-minute trailer for CW’s Flash series – spawned from the successful of Arrow – was released a few days ago. It was met with much rejoice. The way the Flash looked (red suit and identifiable lighting bolts on chest and ears) and moved (signature red blur and tremble), as well as his personality has left little for fan-boys to argue about. It seems most everyone is genuinely excited for this show. If Arrow is any indication of what DC and the CW can do in terms of bringing iconic heroes to the television screen, then The Flash should do pretty well. It certainly looks like it’s gonna be rad. 

OK, so, for you fans that didn’t get to enjoy the grandeur of the 90’s, and for those that do remember it fondly, there was a Flash live-action series that starred John Wesley Shipp and a post Star Wars/pre-Joker Mark Hamill.  It was campy as hell, but it was good enough being that super hero TV shows weren’t really the IN thing back in those days.  Anyways, it was announced that, as homage to the original 90s show, Shipp would have a mystery but recurring role on CWs revised Flash series. Many have speculated on what that role might be, but if you saw the 5-minute trailer you got a glimpse of Ship. And it’s fairly clear who he is.  (more…)

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The success and acclaim of CW’s Arrow has sired a spin-off featuring DC’s famous fast man The Flash. Its premiere won’t air for a while, but we can only assume/hope it will have the same delightful mix of super hero action, angst and DC universe references as Arrow. While we patiently await its arrival (ironic how we’re waiting on one of the fastest super heroes ever to grace our presence), some children of the 90’s have reason to rejoice. An actor from the original Flash series will be appearing on the show. Who is it? Read on through for the reveal! (more…)