Johnathan Liebsman


Humanity’s understanding of reality was shattered when we received the news that a critically panned, yet highly profitable cinematic adaptation of a cartoon/toy line from the 1980s would get a sequel. Confused, panicked civilians took to the streets, looting and rioting as they screamed “WHY???” and asked what kind of God could allow this… (more…)


We’re sorry to report that the dreaded Michael Bay produced reboot of TMNT is still on–no sudden burst of common sense or artistic integrity on the part of the studio or the filmmakers has mercifully put an end to it.

The Johnathan Liebsman-directed film WAS scheduled for release June 6, 2014. It will now open on August 8th. One week after Guardians Of The Galaxy, and one week before The Expendables 3 (whether sandwiching it between these two films will make it seem better or worse is difficult to say).

I’m sorry… this is the part of the job I hate. 🙁

Source: /Film