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USA Today have given us our first real look at the live-action Jem and the Holograms, as they’ll appear in the upcoming feature film based on the popular ’80s cartoon.

The gallery of images centers on the animation and toy icons, providing them with an updated backstory for the “YouTube generation.” If you grew up in the 80’s and are a fan of Jem, then that last statement will have made you throw up in your mouth a little. This is Jem and The Holograms, but in name only. (more…)


Paramount announced last week that they were aiming to get G.I. Joe 3, and  a bunch of other sequels, into theaters by 2016. With about two years to write, cast, set-up production, shoot, edit, and promote the film, one might think that the producers had better start cracking then. Indeed, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is cracking and according to him he’s close to signing a writer and is now in the process of looking at directors. But what kind of story are we looking at, and what Joes might be involved? For answers from di Bonaventura, read on. (more…)


The rotating door to the production of a future Masters of the Universe movie turns again, and as we say goodbye to G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu, we say hello to Jeff Wadlow, who is now rumored to be the man for the job for the big screen trip back to Eternia. Is Wadlow the filmmaker to break this deadlock and bring us a live-action He-Man again? No one – except maybe the Shadow – knows. (more…)

masters of the universe

Now, for some news on that long-awaited and oft-forgotten Master of the Universe movie reboot.  It looks as if Warner Bros. is damned and determined to get this thing going and there has been a little more progress… well, sort of.  A new scriptwriter has been brought on-board to try at yet another incarnation of the film, while the director previously signed on to the project has bowed out. Who now has the power? By the power of Greyskull, read on through to find out.



Yesterday the internet was a buzz with the seemingly written in stone fact that Jon M. Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) was Paramount’s front-runner for the director’s chair for Star Trek 3. It was an interesting pick, but since Chu delivered with the G.I. Joe sequel, overcoming the lackluster reaction to the 2009 original, it might make sense for the studio to bring an energetic new voice into the series following the disappointing fan reaction to Star Trek Into Darkness.

But not so fast. Chu would make financial sense, but if you look at his filmography – dance movies (Step-Up), toy movies (G.I. JoeMasters of the Universe) and Justin Bieber – it seems unlikely that he would bring back the high-minded sci-fi tone that Trek fans might be looking for. So how about the guy that made Rise of the Planet of the Apes?

Cinematallica is reporting that Rupert Wyatt, in reality, is Paramount’s front-runner for Trek 3. Why? Considering that he brought Rise, a movie with little buzz, to the screen on a small (by blockbuster standards) budget, and got people excited about a tired franchise in the waning days of summer and was praised not just for the technical, but the themes and story as well. Wyatt might end up being the ideal candidate to right the starship Enterprise and take it to strange new worlds as opposed to revisiting past successes.

As for Chu, his reps told Huffington Post that he has not been approached by anyone from Paramount. It’s also worth pointing out that there’s no word if J.J. Abrams is officially out of the running to direct Trek 3, but there is a presumption that Abrams won’t have time for both Star Wars Episode VII and Star Trek 3.

Expect the new Star Trek movie sometime in 2016, in time for the 50th anniversary of the franchise.

Source: Comic Book Movie



J.J. Abrams has successfully performed “Fal-Tor-Pan” on the Star Trek film franchise–breathing life, soul, and most importantly: profitability back into the series with his reboot and its recent sequel…That Paramount would want a third installment of “nu-Trek” is a no-brainer.

However–Abrams will be eating, sleeping, breathing, walking, talking, and crapping nothing but Star Wars from now until the release of Episode VII in May of 2015–AT LEAST (still no word on if he’s directing VIII or IX). Therefore, someone else will have to take the Captain’s chair for Star Trek 3.

The smart money seems to say that GI JOE: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu will be our man….If we can trust Latino Review this time–they’ve proven less than reliable in the recent past.

Word ’round the campfire also claims that Thor writers Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz will be on board to help out with the screenplay, likely working close with the writers of the first two films: Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Chu is already scheduled to begin work on a third JOE film, and a new Masters Of The Universe adaptation….but before we shower him with nerdly praise, it should be remembered that this is also the man responsible for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

As always with rumors, we will be watching this story closely, and we’ll bring you the official facts as soon as they are made available.

(Which is apparently sooner than expected!)

UPDATE: The director’s reps deny that Chu is connected to the film. Via email, they said:

No one has contacted Jon or his reps about this project.

Now, Paramount could still be interested in him, but that may be all it is right now.

Hang in there…and at least be thankful this isn’t another Star Wars rumor.

Source: /Film

he-man and the motu

Many of us have some fond memories we carry with us regarding He-Man and the Master of the Universe.  Back in the 80s, we were bombarded by cartoons and toys and if you were like me at all you had an extensive collection of He-Man action figures (including the Castle Greyskull playset, bitches!).  But there hasn’t been a decent movie of the childhood franchise since way back in 1987.  Oh wait… Correction – there was never a decent He-Man movie.  But it does look like Jon Chu, director of the latest G.I. Joe flick will be trying to change all that by going on to direct a new incarnation of this property.

While chatting about his involvement with the new Masters of the Universe undertaking, Chu had a few things to say:

We’re still early but we’re deep in experimenting. This is the most fun phase for me because we get to try everything we’ve ever wanted to try in [Masters of the Universe] and then we get to throw out all the things that don’t work, which is most of it. [This allows us to know] what our tone is, where we’re going to head with it and it’s a very important phase because it shows [us] the direction we’re going to go in the future. So we’re very early, we don’t know a lot yet other than that we’re playing around and having a lot of fun.

So it looks like there’s no real news to speak of as of yet.  They’re just playing with concepts, but it does seem as if the movie is being taken seriously as far as putting it into development goes.

The new project will feature a script by Alex Litvak and Mike Finch (Predators), which doesn’t exactly scream quality.  Furthermore, Chu’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation is not getting the best reviews currently, despite the fact that it is raking in some cash.  All-in-all, I’m not too optimistic.

What do our lovely and barely-clothed Nerd Readers have to say about all this?  Do you think that this crew is worthy to tackle our childhood memories?  Or should Chu and company just retire and save everyone a whole mess of grief?


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.