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Younger nerds may not know this, but there was once this thing called “Superman Lives.” It was based, however roughly, on the “Death of Superman” story arc from 1992/93 and was primed to be the smash hit of the summer of 1998, in theaters, in time, for Superman’s 60th birthday. It was also supposed to be the Man of Steel’s epic return to cinemas, 12 years after the epic failure of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Of course, Superman Lives was an epic failure in its own right, torn asunder by a rabid fan culture and a suddenly spending shy studio. And that’s where Jon Schnepp comes in. A veritable collector of Superman Lives lore, he decided to crowd fund a documentary to examine its making and eventual unmaking, and he needs a little bit more money to get the film in front of the eyes of fans… (more…)


Today at San Diego Comic-Con (is anything else happening in the world at the moment?), the first full-length trailer for Jon Schnepp’s documentary, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? (the question’s rhetorical, obviously) debuted and has now been released online. One of the weirder “what if” films of all time, Schnepp’s documentary digs at the “whys” behind the collapse of Tim Burton and Kevin Smith‘s potential superhero shitstorm. (more…)

The Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot Man of Steel comes out later this year, coincidentally in time for Superman’s 75th birthday. But this time 15 years it might have been a very different kind of Superman movie that was released to commemorate the diamond anniversary of Last Son of Krypton’s first appearance in Action Comics #1, that is if it hadn’t, you know, imploded like a 5 cent balloon.

Well Tim Burton’s Superman Lives is now the subject of a proposed documentary from filmmaker John Schnepp (Metalocalypse and Venture Bros.). In the video intro for the project, Schnepp says that he’s long been a collector of any and all tidbits of information and production art about Superman Lives, and recently had the inspiration to make a film about the weirdest Superman film that never happened.

Schnepp seems very ambitious about his prospects for the project, and while I can see him securing interviews with guys like the storyboard artists, or even Kevin Smith because he’ll talk about anything, does he really have the juice to net Nicolas Cage, or even Burton himself? I’m not sure. As for his plan to produce actually scenes if he raises more than his set budgetary amount, I don’t know. If I remember correctly, being too expensive to make was the reason Superman Lives was killed in the first place.

Still, Schnepp’s enthusiasm is infectious, but I have to wonder, if Superman Lives was made and currently sat on his DVD shelf, would he be so eager to venerate it, or would he be joining a chorus of fanboys deriding it as the worst thing ever made? I guess we’ll never know.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here, and donate if you wish. As of this writing, there’s early $16,000 down, on its way to a goal of $98,000.

Source: Bleeding Cool