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You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “step on a crack and break your mothers back”. Well, have you heard the one “Help a Han Solo and Snap Your Spine”? Of course you haven’t, it doesn’t make for a good jingle. But it does happen. Director J.J. Abrams knows this first hand. He literally broke his back while trying to make Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And yes, Han Solo was involved.  (more…)


It is the quintessential nerd debate: Star Trek vs Star Wars. And while in recent years the factions have become a little less fanatical in fighting for their chosen sci-fi franchise, the war will forever rage on.

One man is now caught in the crossfire: J.J. Abrams. Not only is he responsible for bringing Star Trek back into the public consciousness in a big, big way but he’s been gifted the opportunity to save Star Wars from its prequel shame. On last night’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Abrams and Stewart weighed in on the two sci-fi juggernauts and their inherent differences.

In part one they discuss Abrams initial trepidation about taking on Star Trek, part two they tackle Abrams future with Star Wars.

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Jon Stewart= Star Wars Jedi’s

But…huh? Ok, let’s rewind a bit. At Celebration V, a well known Star Wars Convention, Jon Stewart was given the opportunity to interview George Lucas and the topic of Obi-Wan’s home planet came into question. The Almighty George Lucas, laughed at the question and jokingly said that Obi-Wan “Stewjon”, a mash of Stewart’s first and last name. Yet this statement made in jest, became reality and as you can see below on Obi-Wan’s Clone Wars trading card, he is from “Stewjon”.

While some Star Wars purists, may get their panties in a bunch and say that George Lucas is once again practicing his creative freedom on the canon by making him from this made up planet instead of the well-known Coruscant. Let’s take a step back and remember who the heck we are talking about. George Lucas has many a time added to the canon as he goes along, and in certain cases ( Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) retraced his steps and tweaked things so that made some sort of  sense.  Of course, the lesson learned at the end of the day when it comes to this new trivia added   to the Star Wars Universe is that if you make a good impresssion on George Lucas, you could have a Jedi’s Homeworld named after you.

So top drawer Jon Stewart…Top Drawer!

The Daily Stormtrooper


This past weekend at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart sat down for a one-hour interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas. In the interview Lucas presented Stewart with a one of kind (meaning NOT FOR SALE) 3.75 -inch Jon Stewart Stormtrooper action figure. The figure, which is packaged on a unique blister card, included a removal helmet and two interchangeable heads sculpted in Stewart’s likeness- one with a clean shave face and the other featuring Stewart’s recently departed goatee. I know you are all jealous that Stewart gets himself a custom Storm Trooper figure, but honestly, does our most important Jew deserve anything less?

Click after the jump for more pics of the figure and Stewart (without goatee) interviewing George Lucas: