Jonathan Coulton

“He’s dead Jim.”

Most of you will recognize at least one of the two names, John Scalzi and Jonathan Coulton. One is a fantastic Science Fiction writer / commentator and the other is a terrifically nerdy musician, put the two together then add a creative pinch of Star Trek fan Trekpropguy and you get the wonderful video below. It all started with Scalzi’s new book Redshirts. Scalzi then got Coulton involved.

Coulton explained on his blog site:

“A while ago John Scalzi, one of my favorite sci-fi authors (and a pal as well) asked if I would write a theme song for his new novel, Redshirts. I said yes, mostly so I could get a chance to read it. You can read about and listen to what happened next and listen to the song over at as of this morning. You can also check out the whole series of chats about other sci-fi-themed songs of mine that John and I did leading up to today. I’ll be putting Redshirt up in my store soon, and the band and I will be playing it on our June tour. Hooray!”

Then Trekpropguy heard the song and:

“This video was made in tribute to an awesome new song from Jonathan Coulton called “Redshirt” After the song stuck in my head for several days, I decided to make a video using clips from Star Trek to go with the music. I think I did pretty well. No copyright infringement was intended. All these clips were used from clips available on Youtube. Feel free to share, comment, embed, just don’t modify the video!”

Blend the three together and you get Musical Star Trek magic n a bottle. This NerdeBastard has been a long time fan of Scalzi’s writing and Coulton’s music. This merger of the two has made my day. I’m gonna watch it again once I get this dust out of my eyes . . .

There is a bonus video as well. You see, Scalzi has been learning to play the Ukelele. Who better to perform the first Internet Ukelele cover of “Redshirts” than the author of the book? He’s pretty damn good for an amateur.

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That’s right, they’re good buds. Think about that! (IHeartChaos)


It’s the month of May and we all know what that means for the world now; flowers are blooming, birds are singing and Orcs are outside getting nasty. That’s right, in what could be a first for musician Jonathan Coulton his song “First of May” might be the first NSFW he’s ever had. The guy has always been known for some pretty funny videos but taking the World of Warcraft characters and doing this with them is too funny. It’s not every day you can say you watched a music video where a Gnome tried to nail a sheep.

[This is a NSFW video, get the kids out of the room and close the curtains]

Pants off, dance off

Bet you need to wash more then your hands after watching all this, huh?

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They’re rotten, disgusting and they’re stuck in a six-by-six cubical from nine-to-five, five days a week. Sounds like something out of a B grade horror movie starring Jeff Fahey, but it’s a real video.

When the people you’ve worked with turn into the living dead what is a lowly office worker to do?

Brains yummy, powerpoint presentation bad

Directed by Bill Stiteler and his floor of zombie officemates, this Jonathan Coulton music video even got the attention of Neil Gaiman. Like our friends at say, “if the video is good enough for Neil Gaiman, it’s good enough for you.”

After this video these zombies must be getting paid brains by the bucketful, not those scraps that George Romero pays his undead. A buck and a hat? Bitch please, these zombies are getting paid in spades for their work.

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