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SyFy made a lot of questionable decisions of the years – I mean look at its name, am I right? – but one of the most vexing thing for fans has been the cable channel’s emphasis on cheap reality shows about annoying so-called nerds and ghost busters from every corner of the the country, while cancelling decent, genuine sci-fi and fantasy series. Might that be changing? Might SyFy be making some bold moves in original programming with a couple of new series from veteran producers of well-loved and established genre producers. (more…)


This time on The Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy have a conversation with Nick Pitarra, the co-creator and acclaimed artist behind Image Comics‘ The Manhattan Projects.
What do they talk about? Well, the greatness of series co-creator/writer Jonathan Hickman, the advantage of having easily recognizable characters in the indie world, the coming return of both guest artist Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts) and Oppenheimer Land (the brain based battlefield where Oppenheimer battles Oppenheimer and so on…), weird commission requests, and superheroes covered in glue and eating nachos.

Also on the show, the guys discuss print vs. digital with Mr. Pitarra, go over the contents of his comic collection, and listen as Pitarra makes his bold Eisner Award predictions and promises to deliver a drunken epic acceptance speech should he or Hickman take home an award.

All that and more on this episode of, The Bastardcast

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The Bastardcast: Not afraid of Enrico Fermi.

COMICS REVIEW: ‘Avengers vs. X-Men’ #6

Last issue, Avengers vs. X-Men took a massive pivot, ending its first act with a game-changing moment. Issue #6, the halfway point of the story overall, is where that massive paradigm shift has to be dealt with. Last issue the Marvel Architects impressed me by shifting the scope of the story dramatically, and this time around they prove equally impressive by managing to handle the awesome, perhaps uncontrollable power they’ve given this event.


Comics Review: ‘AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4’

Last week Avengers vs. X-Men stepped away from being a simple battleground and became a kind of quest story. This week that quest continues, and the Marvel architects face the challenge of keeping us hooked on their story without relying on superhero vs. superhero spectacle. With heroes on both sides scattered, and the tale shifting from slaughter to search, can Avengers vs. X-Men stay strong as it moves beyond the simple premise its title implies?



On the day before the comics release, a lot of major newspapers are reporting about tomorrow’s Fantastic Four issue that will feature one of the members dying. As to why Wall Street and NY Times would spoil this on the day before, who knows but the news has made it to the internet and is giving Marvel some advertisment.

Update: Thanks to the two fine readers who commented, ahadiel and Tumadre, they have informed me that Marvel released the issue early today, so go out to your local comic book store to see which Fantastic Four member dies.

Click the jump button to find out who dies.