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Somehow those Stark words always ring true. Particularly in Fall. Of course, Game of Thrones doesn’t return till Spring…grrr. (Geeks of Doom)



Wait a second, wasn’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 8 released in comic book form? If you asked this same question then theanswer is yes. This week at the San Diego Comic-Con attendees may have learned that Joss Whedon is taking the existing Buffy season 8 comic and releasing it to both DVD and Blu ray as a motion comic. No release has been set yet but it slotted to be coming sooner than later.


Also along with the season 8 release, Jones Soda announced a new line Buffy season 8 limited edition branded sodas to be available in the online store any day now:

Check back here to see if the new limited edition Buff Season 8 Jones bottles are in

My Two Cents: So, I have only read the first half of Season 8 but If they can do a great motion comic adaptation (like i have seen done with Iron Man and the Walking Dead) to the comic then I think this series would be a great addition to the already stellar Buffy series.

Soda for Planeswalkers?!

Powerful and delicious!

Powerful and delicious!

Jones Soda Co. and Wizards of The Coast have teamed up to bring you a limited edition, powerful – and tasty – beverage for Planeswalkers (read: Magic players) to celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Magic 2010.

As originally reported by Wizards, this limited edition soda is available for purchase here for $18.99 plus shipping and handling (glass bottles, people). Each 12-pack contains two each of Elixir of Purity (Cream Soda), Necromancer’s Tonic (Root Beer), Beast Brew (Green Apple) with three bottles of Illusion Infusion (Blue Bubblegum) and Purifying Fire (Fruit Punch).

Definitely a must-have for any avid Magic player whether the intention is to collect them or enjoy them during an all-night gaming session. One thing is for sure, Jones Soda makes some damn fine drinks!

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Source MTG Official via Jones Soda