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Don’t hate RoboCop because it’s a remake of a beloved sci-fi classic, hate it because it’s a tepid and blandish spin on the original film that thinks the best way to re-energize the concept it to go all the places that first one didn’t. Sometimes you do get it right the first time, and sometimes doing things because you can isn’t really a good enough reason for you to go through with it. Having said that, there are some interesting ideas in the new 2014 RoboCop, and some very interesting actors who try to realize them, but essentially this new Cop is a B-effort for a C-movie. (more…)


I guess the makers of the new RoboCop wanted to make sure they got our attention back after the orgy of nerd-centric trailers during last night’s Super Bowl. The new TV spot for the José Padilha film highlights the crime-filled world that the new RoboCop (played by Joel Kinnaman) will have to play in; which really looks more like an action movie war zone than anything tangibly real… Okay, let’s relax. We haven’t seen the finished movie yet, so let’s not get too far into the armchair quarterbacking. As for the ad itself, check it out for yourself below. (more…)

RoboCop Trailer Madness!


Jose Padilha‘s long delayed RoboCop reboot starring Joel Kinnaman as the eponymous law-enforcing cyborg is shaping up to be the first big Nerd Cinema feeding frenzy of 2014.  And today, we’ve got a total of FOUR Robo-Adverts that should give you a good indication as to why (trailers start after the jump).  (more…)

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The first trailer for director Jose Padilha‘s reboot of the much beloved Robocop franchise has finally hit the Internet, now we just need to see how hard the Internet hits back. I’m truly conflicted when it comes to rebooting the Robocop franchise, the first movie has always been a favorite of mine. Will it stay true to the roots of the character or just change everything? If it does change significant aspects, will it still be good or just another mess like Total Recall?

The cast looks great on paper, in fact it blows away a point by point comparison with the original cast. The only questionable casting is the lead Joel Kinnaman. I just don’t know his work well enough to have confidence in his carrying this movie. The rest of this cast is a slam dunk, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman is a grouping that inspires confidence and trust. How Padilha puts it all together could be the tipping factor.

Take a look at the trailer and then let’s talk about what we’ve just seen.

Hmm, I find myself liking the look of the sets and effects shown so far. Oldman’s line about “the illusion of freewill” is an interesting take that I look forward to seeing more about. It looks like in this version the wife is the one that makes the decision to allow the OmniCorp to put Murphy into the Robocop program. Will Murphy know about his family at that point or have to discover it like the original.

Seeing Jackie Earle Haley toward the end was great. His role as Maddox should be fantastic, I’ve always loved his work.

Well, what did you think? Are you more open to this reboot or did this trailer just set your disillusions in concrete? Will this movie do better than Dredd?

Robocop hits the big screen on February 7th.

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There’s been a lot of progress in the saga that is the RoboCop reboot. What was first deemed a terrible idea by fans, has gained plenty of steam with plenty of A-list talent supporting the José Padilha directed feature film.

Rebooting the film franchise of the 80s’, Padilha needed an all-star cast to back it up…and boy did he get it. Featuring stars Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Jackie Earle Haley, Abbie Cornish and Joel Kinnaman RoboCop was making quite the impact at this past San Diego Comic-Con. One of the films other stars, Samuel L. Jackson, was on hand at the convention to talk about the film, and at the same time revealed a bit about his own character Pat Novak.

According to Jackson:

“I play a character by the name of Pat Novak, who’s sort of a combination of Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton, if you can combine those two people. So I refer to him as Rush Sharpton,” Jackson said. “He has one of those shows that’s an opinion show, and his opinion is that automated policing is a good idea, so he’s a proponent of RoboCop.”

A character like Novak will hopefully add an intriguing mass-media layer to the film, which will also deal with the role of corporations in society and how the use of drones affects humanity. Someone with Jackson’s screen presence can definitely sell an opinionated media personality in ways few other actors could ever hope to.

Check out the entire interview, including Jackson’s response to why he considers RoboCop a “credible” remake below:

RoboCop is scheduled for release in theatres everywhere Feb. 7th, 2014.


It’s a vital part of the whole money-making machine that is Hollywood these days, the tie-ins and the toys. While we don’t know which burger chain is going to have Robo-Burgers, we have gotten a sneak peek at some of the toys for Jose Padilha‘s ROBOCOP Reboot.

KanpekiSetto, a Spanish toy collectibles website has posted some new images and pricing for the upcoming movie merchandise produced by Jada Toys. The site lists these as available for shipment on April 4th, 2014. Hmm, a whole two months after the movie hits in the states, I’m betting we’ll see these toys on shelves much sooner.

Take a look at the gallery below, it’s the usual stuff one would expect from a movie like this. I do love the trend of movie masks that has been going on. Those actually look good on the wall and my nephews love running around wearing the things.

ROBOCOP hits theater screens on February 7th, 2014 starring Joel Kinnaman, Samuel L. Jackson, Micheal Keaton, Abbie Cornish, and Jay Baruchel.

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Excited about Neill Blomkamp‘s follow-up to District 9, the high-minded sci-fi actioner Elysium? Well it looks like you’re going to have to wait a little longer as Sony Pictures has pulled the film from its spring release date and pushed it back to a late summer slot. This follows a decision by Sony, and producing partner MGM, to push back the release date of the rebooted RoboCop to a February 2014 release date. Insert ominous music here. (more…)

There are some new pictures straight from the set of Jose Padilha‘s RoboCop Reboot that shed better light on RoboCop’s new look. The helmet has an improved, sleeker look and feel while maintaining the familiar red visor.

This is the first real look at RoboCop’s sidearm weapon of choice and I’m willing to hold off commenting until I get a closer look. I didn’t think I would like Judge Dredd’s new sidearm, but after seeing it on the big screen, it’s all good. Perhaps I’ll feel the same way here.

We can make out some of the added details of RoboCop’s armor, but I’m still having BIG problems with that human hand. It looks way out of place and unprotected. Are we suddenly to believe that the soul less corporation that experimented on a dead police officers body is going to leave his hands unprotected and unable to punch the crap out of the side of a building or car?

What do you think, do these pictures change your mind or just reinforce your dislike? Let your fellow NerdBastards know what you think in the comments section below.