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Things look to be proceeding well with the upcoming New Mutants movie, the latest attempt by 20th Century Fox to spin-off further mutant adventures from the main X-Men movie series. The film in in the process to recruit all the New Mutants so that filming can start in the hopefully near future and meet its Spring 2018 release. But here’s a tip, for those expecting a superhero movie in the vein of the X-Men films, the last Wolverine flick Logan, or even Deadpool, director Josh Boone is promising to deliver something different, and he’s recruiting Rosario Dawson to help him out with the horror (?) in New Mutants.  (more…)


Things have been pretty quiet on the X-Men front since the release of X-Men: Apocalypse in May. On the other hand, no news is good news, especially in light of the recent reveal that Doug Liman has abandoned Gambit in favor of Justice League Dark, so perhaps no further announcement about future X-Men projects isn’t so bad. But now there’s this: news about the upcoming New Mutants film. The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone was recruited last year to bring the team of junior X-Men in training to the big screen, and now they’re making it a full Fault reunion by bringing onboard screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. (more…)

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This has been a hell of a week when it comes to Stephen King news.  First, news of The Dark Tower finally nabbing a director hit, then some new, terrifying concept art showing It’s Pennywise as pitched by Vincenzo Natali hit the interwebs, and now, to cap the week off right, The Wrap is reporting that the execs over at Warner Bros. have finally cracked that post-apocalyptic mother of all nuts, The Stand.  According to the report, WB and CBS (the studios behind the big screen adaptation of the massive novel) are in talks with Showtime to bring audiences an eight-part miniseries that will lead into the theatrical release of The Stand. That’s right: Hollywood is finally learning how to get Stephen King movies made right. (more…)

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After we heard the news back in August that Matthew McConaughey was being considered for the role of the demonic cowboy Randall Flagg in Warner Bros. movie adaptation of Stephen King’s epic 1200-page novel The Stand, director Josh Boone commented that nothing was official. However, now The Guardian are saying that it is pretty much a done deal, and we’re saying “alright-alright-alright (…that never gets old). (more…)


It was going to be one movie, it was going be two movies, and now apparently Josh Boone’s adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Stand will be a whopping four films (making it a tetralogy, according to my extensive, exhaustive, five second google search). Boone, a life-long Stephen King fan, initially sold Warner Bros. on a single, three hour movie with an $87 million budget, but apparently the studio came back to Boone and asked if he would be willing to expand the story into multiple films. (more…)


Fans of Stephen King’s massive novel, ‘The Stand‘, have been crying for a big screen adaptation ever since the 1994 miniseries adaptation aired on television.  The miniseries was able to capture the spirit of the book but the four-part, eight hour attempt was still only able to encompass a portion of the story, leaving plenty of material on the cutting room floor.  A couple of years back, fans were elated to hear that an R-rated film adaptation was finally heading to theaters, likely being directed by Ben Affleck, and many assumed that the film would serve as a launching point for a trilogy of films, at the very least.  Those fans waited patiently for more news and were finally rewarded with a huge blow to their vision of the adaptation – instead of trying to break the book up into several movies, Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), who was officially hired to helm and write the script, whittled the 1000+ page story into a three hour movie.  Well, it looks like fans may have a reason to be excited again as King himself has hinted at a much bigger project than previously reported. (more…)


A theatrical version of the Stephen King apocalyptic epic The Stand, set to scrub the memory of the  ABC 1990s miniseries from your brain, just took one step closer to being a reality. According to Collider, Josh Boone, who has been  tapped to direct the sprawling tale of the aftermath of a plague that wipes out most of humanity, has  reportedly finished adapting the thousand page+ novel into a sleek three-hour movie. And if any fans of  The Stand are worried about a rerun of the first cinematic outing, Stephen King himself has apparently read the script and given his stamp of approval. (more…)


Josh Boone is the latest director to try and adapt Stephen King’s 1000+ page apocalyptic epic for the big screen; a project that defeated both Ben Affleck (though you could say Batman stole him away) and Scott Cooper (Crazy HeartOut of the Furnace). Upon first glimpse, the young director is an odd choice, but Boone seems genuinely optimistic that he’s got both the tone and length of the behemoth superflu film nailed down. (more…)


For the longest time, it seemed like the big screen adaptation of The Stand was never going to happen (along with the sprawling Ron Howard/Akiva Goldsman version of The Dark Tower and Cary Fukunaga’s re-telling of It*). First, Ben Affleck was attached to direct a two-part saga, but has since left to be Batman and direct Denny Lehane ditties (the latter of which he just dropped off of as well). Then came Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace helmer Scott Cooper, whose presence made me think that Warner Bros. was going to bring a serious, adult-minded approach to the massive, post-apocalyptic tale. Unfortunately, he left as well, causing me to wonder if the project was out-and-out cursed.

Now comes Josh Boone, an unknown entity who has two YA adaptations (of John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns) slated to come out later this year. And it seems like this choice is finally going to stick, as the first role has been cast, signaling that this version of The Stand might actually be real this time.