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The 2013 film Snowpiercer is one of those perfect little gems. The tale of a train that circumnavigates the globe housing the last of humanity escaping from the horrible ice age around them, was a critical and commercial success, and the first English-language hit film for Korean director Joon-ho Bong. For all those reasons, it seems that some industrious producers are seeing a future in Snowpiercer, just not on the big screen. Instead, a new TV series is being created based on the film, becoming the latest in a long line of movies being remastered for small screen success. But will a Snowpiercer TV show be “the hat” or “the boot” of movie-to-TV adaptations? (more…)

cameron avatar

James Cameron has made it a point to let people know that he’s going to do at least two Avatar sequels sometime in the future.  No doubt, if the money is there he’ll keep making them until his viewing audience is completely broke (or their brains have shut down).  Unfortunately, the first one, while it was a masterpiece of CGI spectacle, had little in the way of script, the only original ideas being in the visuals.  So how can more Avatar possibly be anything other than more of the same?  Well, it looks like Cameron is bringing in some more talent to help him put together the new stories.

Writer Josh Friedman is joining the writing pool.  In case you didn’t know, he’s the guy that created The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  And while I regret to say I missed that one, I’ve heard enough good things about the show to have some faith in Friedman.

But does that mean there may be some hope for the new Avatar flicks?  With Cameron in charge, we still might end up with the mindless light-show that was the first Avatar, but we can always have hope, right?

Expect to see the next Avatar in theaters…. well, whenever Cameron gets around to it, I guess.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.