Josh Zetumer


You could see how badly Channing Tatum wanted to play Gambit back when he first started talking about wanting the role. Now that he’s got the studio behind him and a script in hand, you’d think the production would be moving forward faster than a humming-bird flaps its wings. You’d be wrong. It seems that Tatum and the studio can’t lock down a director. (more…)


Whatever else you might want to say about actor Channing Tatum, you have to at least give this to him: The man goes after he wants with the vigor and passion of the X-Men’s favorite staff-wielding rapscallion. In his audition for the role of Gambit, card-throwing mutant and unfortunate Cajun stereotype, Tatum came loaded for bear in full costume, determined to snatch the part faster than you can say, “Clear product of the 1990s.” Already confirmed for an appearance as Gambit in X-Men: Apocalypse, Tatum’s dream of a Gambit solo film is moving forward, with more key pieces of the X-puzzle falling into place, including snagging a high-profile writer. (more…)


Don’t worry, I’ve never heard of him either, but apparently Josh Zetumer is one of the hottest new writers in Hollywood. Don’t bother running to IMDB to check for anything he’s done because nothing that is creditable has yet made it into the film can. He did do revisions on one film that is hitting screens in 2011, “The Darkest Hour,” starring Emile Hirsch, but as Hollywood often does, he won’t be credited on screen

So Josh is the guy the powers that be in Hollywood bring in to re-write a script when production stalls due to script concerns. That’s a very useful talent in Hollywood. Can he handle the writing chores of starting the RoboCop script from scratch? Well, I know it’s not scratch, he does have a couple films and comics to fall back on. Hopefully we’ll find out if Josh can rekindle that gritty RoboCop magic.

I only worry that Josh might pull out of the project like he did with Dune reboot. Josh completed a 175-page draft which was going to directed by Pierre Morel, Josh bailed and put that entire Dune project in jeopardy. I don’t know that RoboCop can take that kind of hit currently and still move forward.

MGM has put Jose Padilha at the helm directing. Everything I’ve read about him suggests that he will bring plenty of grit, action, and dirt to the production. I’ve not seen Elite Squad or Elite Squad Two yet, I guess their going into my Netflix list. Nerdbastards will keep an eye on this one for you and let you know how things are going as we learn more.

source: deadline