Superhero nerds everywhere have recently been pelted with the mysterious announcement of the REBIRTH event, following a short teaser video that hints at a larger crisis which is probably heading toward New 52‘s way. While there has been no confirmation on whether or not this event will rework the DC continuity (Crisis-style), there has been some rampant speculation regarding the presence of a lot of Silver-Age heroes in the teaser’s line-up. The mystery is soon to be resolved, however, as the publisher recently went ahead to announce their full comic book line up for the duration of the event…


COMICS REWIND: What I’m Reading

(Welcome to Comics Rewind, a weekly column devoted to discovering – or re-discovering – great comics published some time in the past. Here you will find looks back at comics published in every era, from the Golden Age to the Modern Age, as well as retrospectives on the work of important comics writers, lists of “essential” comics, and evaluations of important works, as well as works worthy of a second look or a wider audience. Enjoy!)

Yeah, this is both lazy and self-indulgent, but it’s another list this week, and this time I’m listing the back issues I’m in the midst of reading through right now. Why? Well, I read back issues all the time, both for this column and for the fun of it, but occasionally I get scatterbrained and find myself in the middle of about a dozen or so series, none of which I’m anywhere near a stopping point on. That happened this week. I was trying to pick an arc to finish in time to write about it, realized I couldn’t, and so I thought instead I’d try to give you a sense of my reading in general. So here we go.